For some reason, our compatriots strive to get new impressions in any other place, but not within the boundaries of Russia. For some reason, many people believe that there is nothing to see in their homeland, except perhaps Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, this is nothing but a delusion.

Russia has a rich history, and somewhere, where, but here there is definitely something to admire. And you don’t need to climb into the wilds of the taiga at all in order to gain thrills. You can, for example, go to Ryazan.

Ryazan is one of the oldest places in Russia, because the first human settlements were formed there in the Paleolithic era. Today, this city combines rich historical architecture with modern buildings built by Ryazan developers.

  • What is worth Ryazan Kremlin , which is a complex of monuments located on the site of the fortress of Pereyaslavl Ryazan.
  • It is located in a quadrangular space formed by the Lybed and Trubezh rivers, the moat and the Dunaichik stream.
  • Here you can get acquainted with collections of ancient Russian ethnography, art, and even treasures from the pre-Mongolian period.
  • Another attraction of this amazing city is the monument to the greatest lyricist S. A. Yesenin, made of bronze and stone. This composition is striking in its unusualness.
  • Do not miss the opportunity to visit the national park. There you can not only enjoy the local beauty, but also get acquainted with historical and cultural monuments.
  • The grandiose Ramparts of ancient Ryazan will leave an indelibly vivid impression. These are the only buildings made of mainland clay that have survived to our time.
  • Unfortunately, the fortress made of wooden shrouds could not resist the onslaught of merciless time. Now Ryazan offers wood, including lumber, much more durable.
  • The Archangel Cathedral can rightfully be considered the earliest monument . Its construction dates back to the 15th century.

Today Ryazan is a fairly large Russian city with a population of 525.1 thousand people. It is the main center of history, culture, economy, politics and industry of the Ryazan region.

Ryazan is located not far from Moscow, 180 km, has a water, railway and automobile junction. Therefore, independent travel is quite accessible to anyone. In the city, you can easily find a hotel upon arrival or book a room in advance. And large-scale trade allows you to purchase even used cars in Ryazan. 4

  • A huge number of cafes, restaurants will allow you to enjoy your vacation to the maximum. And night bars, clubs or just walking will bring the flavor of ease into the trip.

Ryazan is a worthy option for recreation and a great way to gain new experiences.