In the Krasnodar Territory there are all the resorts of Russia on the Black Sea. Any spontaneous decision about a beach holiday can be easily implemented. A large number of resorts and resort villages allow you to choose a decent accommodation at any time.

There will be no problems with the road, as you can get there by train, bus, plane and your own car.

  • The beaches of the Black Sea resorts are sandy and pebbly, there is a choice. If you have children, of course, you want sand, but even in Sochi, on the beaches of pebbles, there are sand inserts where kids can play.

All Russian resorts on the Black Sea are very diverse climatic zones, ranging from subtropical to arctic climate.

  • Rest on the sea in Sochi has a very positive effect on health, you find yourself in the northernmost humid subtropics. Although the resort is not cheap, it’s worth coming here, because it’s not in vain that they say, “If I knew the buyback, I would live in Sochi.” There is entertainment for every taste, active recreation in all directions and cultural events.
  • Many boarding houses and sanatoriums offer recreation on vacation with the help of healing mud and local mineral springs. It will also give strength and energize the surrounding nature.
  • Sochi is a very large resort and includes four administrative districts. The beach line lasts 118 km, on which there are urban and wild beaches, as well as those that belong to rest houses and sanatoriums. Each has its own interesting water activities that give a smile to all vacationers.

The main resorts of Russia on the Black Sea are the cities of Greater Sochi, there are so many amazing places in the center and its environs that you can explore the whole vacation.

  • Mount Akhun rises 3 km from the sea, on which there is an observation deck.
  • Agur waterfalls fascinate all tourists, and Eagle Rocks and Vorontsov caves for adventure lovers.
  • A real paradise in the Black Sea resort is a vacation in Anapa. For children, this place is best suited, sandy beaches and a gently sloping smooth coast, what more could you want. There are many children’s camps, hotels and boarding houses in the city, you can also find housing in the private sector.
  • If you want to spend nights with friends on the seashore in tents, then there are many wild beaches in the villages of Anapa. Without fear, you can go to Sukko, Bolshoi Utrish, Dzhemete and Blagoveshchenskoye.
  • Anapa is the sunniest resort of the Black Sea, which has a lot of all sorts of entertainment. A large modern water park has 6 pools and a lot of slides.
  • One of the 4-point wave pools where you can enjoy all the joy of water. The Anapa embankment is a place for evening relaxation.

One part is quiet and calm, more suitable for walking, and the second is seething with discos, bars and restaurants.

You can arrange a tour and visit the lighthouse, the ancient city of Gorgippia and the Russian Gate.

There are so many interesting things in the resorts of Russia that you don’t need to go abroad at all.