The word mountaineering got its origin from the name of the highest mountain system in the world — the Alps. Climbing can be divided into two levels — sports and tourism. Professional sports involve climbing very difficult routes, with a lot of obstacles on steep slopes and, like every sport, requires intensive and regular training.

Here you can not do without knowledge of rather complex technical techniques, have a set of necessary equipment and, of course, physical training.

  • Tourist climbing routes are developed by professional athletes. They prepare the necessary equipment for groups and usually work as instructors and mentors for beginner climbers, or amateur tourists who want to spend their holidays in the mountains and conquer the impregnable peak.

In all countries, mountaineering is a fairly developed sport, but in Russia, rock climbing has lost its former glory. However, now mountaineering is gaining popularity again. Here are some of the most popular and interesting routes.

Climbing Elbrus

  • Elbrus is the second two-headed high mountain of the Caucasus. Its beauty attracts many tourists. It is not surprising that many climbers conquered this mountain back in the 19th century.
  • There are two routes: from the north side along the path of the pioneers and from the south — not very difficult, without any special technical difficulties. The height of the mountain and the route is 5642 meters, the ascent is designed for 8 days.

People who are going to conquer the beautiful Elbrus should be in good physical shape and follow all the instructions of professional instructors who will select the necessary equipment and help them adapt in the mountains.

The beginning of the route in the village of Terskol is not far from the town of Mineralnye Vody. This unforgettable ascent will remain in your memory forever.

Climbing Belukha

  • Belukha is the highest mountain in the Altai Mountains and Siberia. Local people call it in different ways. The height of the western peak is 4440 meters, and the eastern peak is 4506 meters. This mysterious mountain of extraordinary beauty has many myths and legends about it.

Climbing this peak is quite dangerous, it requires mountaineering skills, sports training and excellent physical shape. The route is very difficult, climbing time is 15 days. Sports instructors help both beginners and very experienced people to climb this mountain.

You can expect support and help. The route is designed so that a person has time to acclimatize, gain strength before each stage of the journey.

Climbing Kazbek

  • Mount Kazbek is an extinct volcano located in the Eastern Caucasus. It attracts climbers with its magical beauty. The height of the mountain is 5034 meters, the category of difficulty is 2B.
  • This semi-sport route requires an initial level of training and is accessible to healthy and physically enduring people. There are no mountain shelters, lifts on the route, all equipment must be carried in backpacks.

When climbing, there are several difficult sections, instructors pave the way with ropes, and participants need to overcome these sections with the help of special climbing equipment.

The route is designed for a group of 4-8 people, the duration of the ascent is 10 days. The beginning of the ascent in the city of Vladikavkaz. The group is accompanied by professional guides — climbers.