The «River Golden Ring» is the only river ring route in the world, which is used by tourist boats.

The route has a total length of more than 1800 kilometers and passes through Novgorod, Murom, Ryazan, Kolomna and Yaroslavl , as well as many other ancient Russian cities that are located on the banks of the Volga, Oka and Moscow Rivers.

And not once during the entire cruise do ships pass the same place twice. Different routes have different lengths.

For different tour operators, the duration of stops, the order of visiting cities and the excursion program may differ. However, in any case, tourists will be able to see a number of the main attractions that ancient Russian cities have in any case.

  • On any route there is an opportunity to observe the wonderful riverside nature, however, a trip to Solovki along the Karelian taiga is specially designed for the extreme.
  • On this journey, your attention is given not only to the wild, almost untouched nature of Karelia, but also the opportunity to visit the museum of the history and life of the peoples of Pomorie.
  • Tourists are usually divided into two groups. One is sailing to Solovki on a boat, the other is waiting for a bus and walking tour to inspect petroglyphs (rock paintings dating back to about 2-4 millennia BC). On the second day, the tourists change places.
  • If your goal is to view ancient rock art, then you will need non-slip shoes, simple, tight clothing, and, of course, hope. And most importantly, do not save on mosquito repellents.
  • It must be remembered that by bus the group will only reach the edge of the forest, and then one and a half to two kilometers you will have to move on foot, overcoming the harsh Karelian forest and slippery, moss-covered fragments of rocks.
  • About places of pilgrimage. They practically do not differ from historical places, each ancient city has many churches and monasteries. However, you can choose a special route that is oriented specifically for believers.
  • So on the Solovetsky Islands, tourists are invited to see the Kremlin, they are told about its history, both the most ancient and the thirties of the last century. You can see the exposition of the museum, which is located on the territory of the monastery.
  • And if you go along the route Moscow-St. Petersburg (or vice versa), you can go to see the Kirillo-Belozersky Monastery, making a stop at the Goritsa pier. It is located in the Vologda region in the city of Kirillov.

A walking tour of the monastery lasts about three hours, but even this is barely enough to inspect the main buildings and structures that make up this wonderful monument of antiquity. Here you can put a candle and listen to prayer chants.