In our time, when one of the priorities of a person is work, each of us occasionally wants to relax, be in silence or just change the situation.

And for this it is not necessary to go somewhere far away. For Petersburgers (and not only) it is possible to relax for the benefit of themselves, for body and soul, and in the Leningrad region. You just need to decide on your tastes and desires.

If you want to get aesthetic pleasure, then rest in the suburbs of the Leningrad region is for you.

You can visit Pushkin, Pavlovsk, Peterhof, Vyborg, Gatchina and other «cultural» places. If you have 1-2 days and do not want to spend the night away from home or move far from the city, then a walk through the suburban parks will be optimal for both soul and body.

If you are tired of sitting in one place and want to move, then active recreation in the Leningrad Region is for you. Today there are a huge number of proposals for a team game of paintball.

You can try skydiving, snowboarding or skiing, and cheesecakes.

Or maybe you want to go karting or you are interested in a snowmobile. To do this, you need a free day and just your desire.

  • If you don’t like outdoor activities in the Leningrad region, but want to go to nature, then you can go fishing or barbecue.
  • Lake Ladoga, the Gulf of Finland, as well as the numerous rivers of the Leningrad region are easily suitable for your picnic or fishing.

Well, if you are tired of the harsh everyday life so much that you are ready to take a few days and go somewhere nearby, then here you can also relax in the Leningrad Region.

There are various options, including a trip with friends on a camping trip with a tent, and renting a cottage or guest house. Having been in nature far from the city for several days, you will definitely return home cheerful, full of strength and ready for further difficulties.