In Lazarevsky, you can relax inexpensively, but comfortably. A small village can offer its guests picturesque beaches, a large selection of accommodation, entertainment for every taste.

When is the best time to go to the resort?

The tourist season in Lazarevsky begins in mid-May. At this time, the air temperature is +22 degrees. The largest flow of tourists occurs in July and August. During this period, the air warms up to +30 degrees, the water in the sea up to +25.

How to get to Lazarevsky?

The resort village is located 70 km from Sochi and 230 km from Krasnodar. What transport to get there?

– By plane, fly to the airports of Krasnodar or Sochi. From here you can get to Lazarevsky by bus or taxi. It is more convenient to get to the resort from Sochi airport.

— From many cities of the Russian Federation you can get to Lazarevsky by train. There is a small railway station in the area, which is on the way to all flights to Sochi and Abkhazia. From the station to the hotel can be reached by public transport and taxi.
— A less convenient option to get to the village is a bus. In summer, you can drive from Moscow. The rest of the time, buses run only from the cities closest to Lazarevsky.

Fans of traveling by car should know that at the height of the tourist season, hourly traffic jams gather at the entrance to the resort.

In Lazarevsky, you can rent a car for easy travel around the resort and its surroundings.

Where to stay?

Lazarevskoye offers its guests accommodation in hotels, hotels, sanatoriums, boarding houses, guest houses, apartments, recreation centers, private houses.

Depending on the desired conditions, location, financial capabilities of vacationers, you can choose the most suitable option here. It is better to book accommodation 2-3 months before the planned vacation date.

Beaches in Lazarevsky

The coastline of the resort village is strewn with medium and large pebbles, but you can also find areas with sand. The entrance to the sea is smooth, without drops.
The most popular beaches in Lazarevsky:

– Central beach;
— Beach «Starfish»;
— Beach «Dolphin»;
— Flamingo Beach;
— Beach «Laguna»;
— Beach «Seaside»;
— Odysseus beach.

The coastline of the resort village is constantly cleaned by employees. Therefore, it is always clean and pleasant to rest here. The beaches are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable pastime.

On the shore, tourists can buy souvenirs, have a tasty snack in cafes and order soft drinks in bars.

Rest in Lazarevsky will save money for vacationers, please with comfort and developed infrastructure.