The Economist Intelligence Unit, known for its statistical research, recently presented a ranking of cities with the most comfortable life.

According to experts, the list will be relevant at least until the end of the year. Each of the points of the rating is a joy for the tourist, although, first of all, parameters related to the local population were evaluated: social stability, health care, security, infrastructure, education prospects. However, they paid attention to the environment, the availability of goods, as well as culture, which is also important for guests of any city.

10. Auckland, New Zealand

Let’s try to keep the intrigue to the end — and start from the 10th position in the rating. It went to New Zealand Auckland, which scored 95.7 points out of 100 possible (as you can see, all the cities that made it to the final TOP are almost perfect in terms of points). The largest metropolis in New Zealand accommodates 1.3 million people.

Its picturesque nature staggers the imagination, despite the fact that the city cannot boast of a luxurious architectural heritage.

However, it also has its sights: for example, the 328-meter Sky Tower, which is the tallest man-made structure in the Southern Hemisphere. Another interesting point — on the territory of the city there are, attention, 48 (!) Extinct volcanoes.

9. Adelaide, Australia

  • A little more than Auckland, 95.9 points, went to the Australian Adelaide, where more than a million inhabitants live. As experienced travelers say, you can hardly find a city in the whole world that is cleaner and more tidy than this one.

High-rise buildings rise in its center, but closer to the outskirts there are many buildings of only a few floors, or even completely single-level. This makes Adelaide homely and cozy. And if you also remember the beautiful wildlife sanctuary, Kangaroo Island, and the fact that Adelaide is located on the ocean, you want to run and buy a ticket to Australia.

8. Perth, Australia

  • Next to Adelaide, another Australian city nestled in our ranking — Perth, with the same number of points as its «countryman», so places 8 and 9 were, in fact, divided between the two contestants.
  • The city also has an oceanfront location; Perth is washed by the waves of the Indian Ocean, 1 million 200 thousand
    inhabitants live here.

Perth is literally a golden city, because gold and diamonds are mined here (it’s no joke — the largest diamond mining area, Kimberley!) In general, it is not for nothing that the city is called the «pearl of Australia». On the streets of the city you can find both modern multi-storey architecture and old low houses. Guests love the city for its pleasant climate, cultural diversity and picturesque scenery. There are many walking routes in the city center that are pleasant to walk along.

7. Sydney, Australia

  • Ah, Australia, how I want to visit you, how confidently you occupied the rating! In 7th place — Sydney, 96. 1 point: for beautiful parks, skyscrapers that reach the sky, for sunny beaches and harbors.

By the way, if you like surfing, remember the word Bondi, this is the name of one of the most popular beaches among surfers. And, of course, the Royal Botanic Gardens (34 hectares practically in the city center!!!), Sydney Opera House, Harbor Bridge…

6. Helsinki, Finland

The next participant in our rating is cooler than the Australian megacities, this is Helsinki, Finland. This capital has earned a mark of 96.2 points from a competent jury.

  • About 580 thousand people live here and there are many islands connected by bridges and ferries. If you like to look at the ships and listen to the sound of the sea, this is the right place for you.

By the way, it is impossible not to notice that the analysts who compiled the rating are generous in their assessments in the case of cities with access to the sea-ocean. However, it is difficult to disagree with him.

5. Calgary, Canada

Calgary, Canada, located in the foothills, one of the sunniest cities in the country, and again, rich in water. We look at the photo, amazed by the view of the Canadian Rockies in the background, and do not know what to add.

  • Oh yes, here’s the thing: despite the richest oil deposits and the large-scale oil production associated with this, this is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world!

4. Toronto, Canada

  • Canada decided to challenge the hegemony of Australia in this rating: in fourth place (97.2) is another of its cities, Toronto, the most multinational in the country: almost half of the inhabitants are emigrants.

And there is also the longest street in the world, Young Street, which stretches … almost 2000 km! Toronto’s records do not end there: the CN tower is the tallest TV tower, and the city also boasts the largest zoo on the planet with an area of ​​283 hectares. Animals here are in almost the same conditions as in the wild.
Nearby is Niagara Falls!

3. Melbourne, Australia

Australia returns to the rating, this time with Melbourne in the lead role: 97.5 points.

According to travelers, this is perhaps the most picturesque city on the mainland, a well-known cultural and industrial center with 3.8 million inhabitants. It is a confluence of nature, modernity and the Victorian era in architecture.

2. Vienna, Austria

  • The Austrian capital, Vienna, scored 97.9 points and was one step away from perfection, in second place. This city on the banks of the Danube, perhaps, can safely be included in at least one more rating: romance and charm.

The music alone is worth it! After all, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Haydn and other great composers lived and worked here. Incredibly beautiful architecture, cozy and at the same time majestic streets, green squares — all this is in abundance here.
And for nature lovers — the famous Vienna Woods.

1. Vancouver, Canada

This is how we got to the top. And on it was another Canadian multi-millionaire, Vancouver! 2.4 million inhabitants, beautiful coniferous forests and mountains surrounding the city along the perimeter, many bridges, various buildings — and again the ocean. 98. 0 points scored by Vancouver can be considered rightfully deserved.

And again Vancouver

As you can see, each participant in the rating boasts access to a river, lake, or even the ocean. Perhaps this is the secret of prosperity? Or in the mountains? Or in incredibly beautiful architecture? Whatever it was, and many thanks to the Planet for these beautiful places.