The second (after Pattaya) most popular resort of the former Siam is the island of Phuket, which is located in the Andaman Sea off the southern coast of Thailand.

  • A couple of centuries ago, the Tamils, who moved here from India, dubbed the island «crystal». Of course, since then, as they say, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge.
  • But just the water off the coast of Phuket remained truly crystal. It is its purity, as well as the most beautiful nature of the island that attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world and, above all, from Europe.

Guests of the island are inspired by the prospect of finding all the “charms of life” in Phuket: the sun, the sea, luxury hotels and beaches, and numerous entertainments. And this is at a time when in the Old World it is winter with rain and snow …

But let’s talk a little about geography.

  • So, Phuket is located about seven hundred kilometers south of Bangkok. It is the largest of the many islands of Thailand and, concurrently, the most «promoted» of those in terms of tourism.
  • The length of the island is about 50 kilometers, the width is about 20. Interestingly, two-thirds of Phuket’s area is occupied by mountains and valleys. In general, the landscapes of the island are strikingly beautiful, which, of course, is very popular with tourists who prefer to have an active rest, getting to know the world and capturing everything interesting around with a camera.

The «indigenous» population of Phuket is about 200 thousand people. Tourists are at the height of the season here, at least three times more.

  • The main settlements of Phuket are located on opposite sides of the island: Phuket Town is located in the southeast, and Patong Beach is in the northwest.
  • The island is connected with the «mainland» by a bulk dam, along which a highway passes. By the way, three types of buses (from VIP to standard) run regularly from Phuket to Bangkok. But there is no railway connection with the island.
  • Phuket hotels, for the most part, are higher than Pattaya, but they are also more expensive. The situation on the island, of course, is more intimate, there is no such “flood of feelings” as in Pattaya.

Although, if you wish, there is something to have fun and have fun with, and where. But still, Phuket is worth going to if you prefer a measured, relaxing holiday.