Pamukkale is an amazing heritage of nature to man. Truly, a wonder of the world This place is translated as a cotton castle!

In these “cotton” places, hot thermal mineral springs come out, which contain a large amount of potassium oxide, as well as other mineral formations that have formed over many thousands of years on the Taurus terraces.

Powerful streams of hot mineral water, falling almost perpendicular to the mountain plane, created these salt cascade formations. Now these white limestone formations are carefully protected.

  • Terraces with mineral water are like real baths — water accumulates in them, small pools are obtained, up to 30-40 centimeters deep.

There are three different types of thermal springs in Karnachait — the southern region of Pamukkale.

  • The first of them is quite small in size — every second it passes through itself at least forty liters of mineral water.

At the same time, interestingly, water is different in spectrum. The water temperature in this spring is almost always above forty degrees Celsius.

  • The second source is no less interesting — gray water flows through it. This is a real rarity! The color of the water is due to the high content of heavy suspensions.

The temperature in the source is stable — thirty degrees Celsius. In addition, as shown by various clinical trials, the water from this source is healing. And it is for external use only.

With it, you can cure many diseases of the epidermis, even those that are transmitted by contact. In addition, the water from the terraces with this water rejuvenates the skin, makes it more elastic. The beneficial qualities of this water have been known since ancient times, so this is a kind of open-air health resort.

Previously, many centuries ago, not far from Pamukkale, there was a small city — Laodicea, later the «holy city» Hierapolis was built in its place — one of the most interesting places for excursions in all of Turkey.