There are so many unexplored amazing corners in Russia that it is sometimes difficult to figure out where to go on a trip. To make it easier for you to choose a destination for your vacation, this time we will talk about the sights of Altai.

And don’t think, it’s not only clean mountain air and walks in the mountains, there are activities here and it’s more interesting to look for a full description of the available activities in this article!

Ah, those mountain views!

Of course, first of all, Altai became famous as a tourist destination due to its unique landscape: mountain ranges, deep river valleys and endless lowlands, this is an incredibly picturesque region.

Even the name «Altai» is translated from the Mongolian language as «Golden Mountain».

  • If you look closely at the map, the highest point of the Altai Mountains, Belukha, clearly stands out. This is not just a mountain range, here water flows are born, emanating from bulk glaciers, giving life to a special type of Altai rivers.
  • Fast-flowing, turbulent rivers, turning into waterfalls and dotted with lakes, are a local attraction. Rafting on the Altai rivers is an extreme, but incredibly exciting activity!

Mount Belukha Mount Belukha

Most of the water streams of Belukha belong to the basin of the Katun River, which originates at the southern tip of the Gebler Glacier. The length of the river is as much as 688 km!

  • The river has numerous rapids that tourists can cross on catamarans or kayaks. However, there is an attraction on the Katun for lovers of a more relaxing pastime, for example, the Turquoise Katun park .
  • Located on the left bank of the river in the most picturesque place of the Altai foothills, this park is visited by many travelers.
  • The local artificial turquoise lake is an entertainment center: in summer you can have fun in the water park, in winter at the skating rink. Rafting, ATV trips, and fishing are also organized here.
  • There is an apiary, karting, an archaeological park and a ski complex, all surrounded by the incredible beauty of nature, alpine meadows and pine forests!
  • If you want to visit the natural blue lakes of the Katun, then they are formed seasonally in the autumn-winter period, appearing at the end of August.
  • These lakes are also a place of frequent visits by tourists in winter, they organize a mobile bathhouse here.
  • Another prominent place located in the northeast of the Altai Mountains is Lake Teletskoye . Protected by UNESCO, the lake is one of the centers of tourism.
  • This is a uniquely beautiful area: grottoes, waterfalls, the Chulyshman delta, a stone bay, the worshiping Yail pine, which fell many years ago, but still holds on to life, even without roots, only part of the natural beauties of Lake Teletskoye, which can be seen by going to excursion by boat, bus or as part of a walking group.
  • Among other things, there are many activities on the lake: water activities, cycling, horseback riding, and fishing is also very popular.

Description of alternative entertainment in Altai

  • Car enthusiasts can drive along the Chuisky tract, included in the top 10 most beautiful roads in the world according to National Geographic Russia magazine, to get an unforgettable experience.
  • Activity, of course, is still associated with picturesque mountain views, but from the car window it is possible to get a broader picture of the local landscapes.
  • Plus, you can always make a stop and capture the local beauty with such amazing photos that many will envy!

Rest in a modern balneological resort is another alternative activity in Altai. Belokurikha is a great place to improve your health, relax, restore beauty, recharge your batteries, in a word, rejuvenate and gain strength.

  • There is beautiful nature, a lot of entertainment, so you can come here with friends or the whole family and you won’t be bored!
  • And, finally, a completely unique leisure activity, which is available exclusively in Altai, the opportunity to play in a casino !

Since 2014, within the borders of one of the four legal gambling zones in Russia, the Altai Palace casino has been operating here, you can indulge in gambling without a twinge of conscience.