North Ossetia is an endless chain of mountains and mountain gorges, stone canyons and cave fortresses, ancient temples and architectural complexes, transparent mountain rivers and multi-cascade waterfalls. Ossetian beauties are worthy of contemplation.

  • An excellent place for tourists is Digoria — the most picturesque area of ​​North Ossetia with its unique nature. The heart of Digoria is «Alania» — a national park with unique natural, historical and cultural complexes.
  • Here, along with natural beauties, battle towers, small fortresses and sites of ancient people have been preserved. Mineral springs with natural soda, clear water saturated with carbon dioxide, also deserve attention. Digorskoe gorge alone fascinates.
  • Located in the basin of the Urukh River, the gorge is famous for its sights. The brightest of them is the «city of the dead» or the village of Donifars with ancestral homes, sanctuaries, medieval watchtowers, burials in stone boxes, and tombs. Those who wish can look inside through the side holes in the walls.
  • Three other gorges: the formidable Karmadon, the mysterious Dargav and the colorful Kurtatinskoye will open up both natural and man-made beauties, as well as cult sights, for tourists.
  • These include the Alan Monastery and a chapel with a list of the main shrine of the North Caucasus — the icon of Our Lady of Mozdok.
  • If extreme sports are not enough for the fullness of life, you like to contemplate the grandiose landscapes — you should step on the Devil’s Bridge and admire the stunning views of the surrounding area. And the Devil’s Bridge itself is endowed with an interesting and at the same time creepy history.
  • Unusual stone slabs — tsyrts — standing along the roads, attract attention. These are painted roadside stones with text, erected as monuments to relatives who died and were buried in a foreign land. A wide range of feelings and emotions will evoke a visit to the waterfalls.
  • In spring and autumn they strike with high water, in winter they appear in the form of majestic ice columns or huge icicles hanging from the mountains. In summer, near the waterfall, you can relax from the sweltering heat. However, swimming in the waterfalls is dangerous; a stone can fly from above along with the water.
  • Mountain beauties, fresh air and water, in addition to delight, also cause a huge appetite. North Ossetia is delicious food: the famous Ossetian lamb, goat cheese and fresh Ossetian cheese pies.
  • Ossetian hospitality is conducive to meeting, guests are adored here. Service in restaurants and cafes is polite. In Ossetian cafes, it is customary to cook a dish, and not warm it up, because it tastes better that way.

There is a little more time to wait, but Ossetian yak kebabs are a delicious meal, they are worth the wait. And at home in a pleasant company, with a glass of homemade Ossetian wine brought as a souvenir, you can share your impressions of the amazing land of North Ossetia, with its amazing history, culture and incredibly beautiful places.