Montenegro is a small state located on the coast, today it is one of the popular tourist destinations. And this is not surprising, because to visit it you do not need to apply for an entry visa.

And the country itself can offer the traveler a vacation for every taste: it has its own Riviera, ski resorts, and thermal springs.

Where the sea meets the mountains

  • The center of the country’s resort life is Budva . Every year the city is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists from all over Europe.

It was for Budva that the unofficial title of the capital of nightlife of the entire eastern part of the Adriatic coast was entrenched.

  • However, you can relax here with children. History buffs are unlikely to be indifferent to the Old Town with its powerful fortress walls, citadel and cathedrals.
  • The resort of Igalo is known for its healing springs: mud and radon. Both local residents and guests of the country come here to improve their health. In addition, here you can lie down on the purest sand or climb the mountains.
  • The largest ski resorts are Kolasin and Zabljak . They are located in the northern part of the country.
  • The main advantages of the Kolasin resort are good climatic conditions (it is safely sheltered from the winds by mountain ranges) and grassy slopes (safer than rocky slopes).

Zheblyak attracts with a variety of tracks that are suitable for both beginners (Javorovach) and true professionals (Savin Kuk, who regularly hosts international tournaments).