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There is an opinion that amazing landscapes and, moreover, wonders of the world are only abroad. However, in order to refute this, it is enough just to look at the size of our country and think about how much more unknown its expanses store?

One of these places is the unique «Weathering Pillars» located on the Manpupuner Plateau in the Pechora-Ilychsky Reserve of the Komi Republic.

Quick Facts

1. The geological monument is located in a place no less valuable and untouched by human activity — in the area of ​​the «Virgin Komi Forests».
2. In total, there are 7 stone pillars on the plateau with a height of 33 to 42 meters.
3. «Pillars of weathering» is one of the seven wonders of Russia, chosen by popular vote.
4. The place is considered sacred for the Mansi people inhabiting this area, on which only shamans can step for rituals.
5. The first researchers came to the pillars only in the mid-20s of the 20th century.

Origin of the monument

  • The Ural Mountains, on the ridge of which the Manpupuner Plateau is located, are considered one of the lowest in the world. Under the age-old pressure of wind and water, their rock was washed out, destroyed, scattered in the surrounding air, which is why today only low peaks remain of their former greatness.
  • However, nature is an amazing thing, therefore, in the very center of the former limestone mountain range, small layers of hard quartzite slates formed, which remained silently standing over time, striking people with their grandeur. These shales are the «Weathering Pillars», of which there are 7 pieces.

The very name of the plateau from the Mansi language is translated as “Small Valley of Idols”, which entered several centuries ago, during the search for an explanation of various mysteries through the creation of myths and legends.

According to their version, 7 giants of the Samoyed peoples (the so-called peoples speaking Samoyedic languages ​​​​- Nenets, Selkups) turned into pillars, who were heading through the mountains straight to Siberia in order to destroy their people.

In the Mansi religion, the peak is considered sacred and sacred, here are the origins of the religion of the people, only shamans had the right to get to the idols to perform rituals or restore spiritual strength.

People who come here experience a wide variety of emotions. Someone feels a sense of incredible freedom, someone is energized and considers it a place of power, and some experience a feeling of anxiety, being next to the ancient giants in natural silence. But everyone who has been here at least once remains spellbound by the grandeur of this monument.

Tourism and ways of visiting

  • No matter how much they talk about the beauty of the plateau, you need to visit it on your own, because you need to see such places only live, with your own eyes.
  • The giants are located far enough from settlements, to the nearest at least 100 kilometers, to enter the territory of the federal reserve you need a special pass, so you can’t get to them without preliminary preparation.
  • The easiest way to do this is as part of tourist groups, in which you can easily get into the tours that are gaining popularity.

In the most beautiful season — winter, you can reach the poles by snowmobiles or helicopters, combinations with skis are often used. During the summer season, air transport or walking is also used, which is considered the most difficult.

All routes take up to a maximum of two weeks and have different categories of difficulty, so that everyone can find a suitable option for him.