The city of Petra is entirely connected with our perception. From Moscow to the most remote corners of the Far East, whoever you ask, every resident of Russia will definitely name at least two famous objects.

In this article, you will find descriptions of little-known, but no less interesting places in the City on the Neva. They are worth visiting and boasting to friends, because under the shadow of the Bronze Horseman and Nevsky Prospekt, unusual sights of the big city are hidden.

  • To survey the city center, enjoy the architecture, the tourist is able to climb the roofs from the «Project Floors» . Yards and entrances are a separate type of art, that is, sorry — the front ones.
  • In St. Petersburg, an innumerable number of front doors in their own style, with microelements, have been preserved, for example, on the Rotunda, located on Gorokhovaya Street or the Mosaic Courtyard on the Fontanka.
  • Looking into the burned-out Lutheran church Annenkirche, you will experience the feeling that you have already seen this scenery somewhere. And make no mistake. Several scenes of the film «Brother» were filmed here. In St. Petersburg there is a private museum with five kilometers of the factory wall — a large-scale canvas for graffiti artists.
  • Exhibitions of contemporary art are waiting for you in the territory of free art. Nikolai Vasin, an enthusiast, owner of the autograph of the Beatles, arranged an art object on Pushkinskaya Street, naming the graffiti in honor of Lennon. The street is overgrown with art objects dedicated to the history of the British band. Musicians meet at this place, festivals and performances take place.
  • But for fans of Russian rock, there will be a Club-Museum «Kotelnaya-Kamchatka», dedicated to the work of Tsoi.
  • Of the rare religious buildings, you should take a look at how interesting the Lutheran Church of St. Michael is. There are worship services of different religious denominations.
  • Free entry for representatives of any religion will await you at the Great Choral Synagogue, the second largest building of the Jewish community in Europe.
  • What you do not expect to see in the Northern capital is a Buddhist temple. Datsan Gunzechoinei welcomes all visitors, however, they should follow the rules, such as walking inside the temple without a headdress, moving strictly clockwise, not turning your back on the Buddha, and a very good rule is not to express negative thoughts and words.
  • Whoever wants new sensations, then you have a direct path on foot to the Museum of Erotica of St. Petersburg on Furshtatskaya, 47/11.
  • A visit to Marata Street, house number 8, where the Horrors of Petersburg attraction is located, will help you tickle your nerves.
  • To move away from horrors, the contemplation of Russian vodka in the museum of the same name on Konnogvardeisky Boulevard will help you.
  • Our second capital does not get by with small and interesting monuments. Albert Charkin created a sculpture of the good soldier Schweik, the main character of the work of the satirist Yaroslav Hasek.

The statue is made the way the author himself imagined the character: he is kind, full, bald, rosy-cheeked and full of cheerfulness.

  • On the Fontanka embankment, on the roof of house number 50, a picturesque entrance to Carlson’s house was attached. We don’t know what’s inside, but we are sure that everything is going well with the hero of the childhood cartoon.
  • The chizhik-pyzhik settled down in the Fontanka, having flown away from the cunning cats Elisha and Vasilisa from Malaya Sadovaya. These two monuments grant wishes.
  • In the case of a siskin, you need to throw a coin so that it remains on the pedestal of the statue, and with a pair of cats, the same thing, the coin should fall nearby.

And this is not a complete list of small sights of St. Petersburg. Come there and discover even more.