The port of the city is the largest in the south of Russia. These are cargo and passenger. Novorossiysk is a hero city. There are many places to visit: for walks, nightclubs and cinemas. Airports and train stations.

The weather corresponds to the Mediterranean climate. In summer, the air is heavy, but warms up to thirty degrees, water up to twenty degrees. Winter is warm. The wind rarely picks up.

  • There is a beautiful and large embankment, many different parks where you can have a good time. There are many historical places where you can listen to musical fountains and watch beautiful light shows.
  • Magnificent nature right in the vicinity of the city, mountain valleys. There will also be entertainment for beach lovers. Children love to go to musical places and complexes. You can visit various museums and reserves.
  • There are monuments and sculptures in the city. The most important is Giving water.
    The history of this city began in ancient times. During the Paleolithic era. Previously, the inhabitants were engaged in crafts and trade. Good relations developed with the Greeks.

Evgeny Sorokin Evgeny Sorokin

Novorossiysk is not a resort city. There are not many hotels here.

Which beaches to visit?

If you just want to relax on the beach, you can simply rent private houses near the beach. The distance to the beach is only fifteen minutes.
The beaches are located in the southern part of the city. All ports are always busy.

  • The size of the pebble beach is three hundred meters. You can rent any equipment and eat at the cafe. You can also go in for sports on special grounds.
  • If you are with children, visit the water park. There is Neptune Beach. It is one kilometer long. There are playgrounds for children and parks.
  • Sudzhuk braid. The most popular beach The spit stretches straight into the sea for almost eight hundred meters. Very cool bottom. There are sun loungers and umbrellas for a good rest.
  • Aleksino. Artificial beach. It connects the village and the spit. You can visit the cafe and the beach.
  • Sheskharis. This beach is the only one in the city. Those who live next to him go there.

Beach on the waterfront. The beach is fifteen meters long. The bottom is sandy and clean.

Where to eat?

  • And of course everyone wants to visit a cafe to have a bite to eat. People try to buy food in any nearby store, but they buy alcohol only in special stores so that the product is of high quality. It is also possible to get a free wine and champagne tasting.

Many different estates and beer bars. For men, this is a great place.


Active recreation is developed here, there is a diving center where you can rent any equipment. For beginners, an instructor will work to help you adapt in this form. Diving into the sea is very interesting, there are many old things.

  • Jeep safaris are also available. Racing on mountainous places in hard-to-reach roads and past various monuments and waterfalls.

You can learn to roller skate with a trainer. And learn in an airsoft club. Shoot colored balls very close to people.
For lovers of cycling, there is also a place and you can visit the club for cyclists.


  • There are buses and taxis to get around. Everything has a schedule and schedule, which should be studied in advance so as not to waste time looking for transport. Taxi is quite expensive, so not everyone can afford it. And not everyone wants to shake on buses.
  • Girls can visit various brand stores and buy cool things, photo frames, decorations and symbols.
  • Since the city is a port, everything can be reached by sea, it will not take much time and money. This species is developed and therefore it is not expensive for people.
  • There are also air routes. If you urgently need to get somewhere, you can use the plane. The prices are also acceptable. From two and a half thousand rubles to seven thousand. Be sure to visit this magnificent city in your life. You will not regret. There is something for every person to enjoy. And your kids will have something to do.

This is a wonderful city that has included all the sights. You will rest there with your whole body and soul. And forget about time, because you will have no time to think about anything.