The best option for traveling in the mountains is from May to September. This type of tourism is closely intertwined with ethnic tourism, here it is offered to spend the night in a shepherd’s yurt, right in the middle of the steppe, and taste the national food.

This is Kyrgyzstan or Mongolia, or maybe the north of Tanzania, travelers are greeted everywhere with joy and accepted into their families.

Tourists live the usual life of the indigenous population, adhere to local traditions, even perform some rituals, learn to graze livestock, and create clay crafts. No benefits of civilization, even fire has to be produced independently.

However, this lifestyle is certainly temporary, but it benefits everyone:

  • immersion in local culture;
  • mastering any craft;
  • walking in the purest air.

Many large travel agencies offer such a direction in tourism, and develop tours to the Asian steppes, African savannahs, the Amazon jungle and the Siberian tundra.

Jailoo tours are classified as extreme travel. Tourists are offered primitive communal living conditions. You will have to sleep on the floor next to the smoky hearth, drink koumiss and ride horses.
No hamburgers and soda, not even ice cream in this heat, but fresh lamb and milk every day.

Who is jailoo tourism for?

Of course, this is an original type of tourism and it is not suitable for everyone. It is unwise to take children on such trips. This is not a summer camp where there are games, time for food and relaxation.

Under these conditions, not every adult will be able to survive. Basically, this tourist is designed for adventurers who lack sensations and are tired of standard rest.

Jailoo tourism is not only an interesting and extreme type of travel, but also a very dangerous one. Especially when a person goes to the desert or wild jungle alone. This type of recreation is designed for fearless and smart people.