Ireland is a country of elves, ale, leprechauns and picturesque green landscapes. It is distinguished not only by its original and original culture, but also by strict legislation.

What should not be done in Ireland so as not to spoil your trip?

What is prohibited in Ireland according to the laws?

  • Ireland has banned smoking in public places since 2004. This refers to bars, cafes, shops and shopping centers, workplaces. Public institutions can provide customers with special smoking areas. In case of violation of the rules, the amount of the fine can reach 3,000 euros.
  • It is forbidden to smoke in the car, regardless of whether you are a driver or a passenger. Drinking alcohol in the car is also prohibited.
  • There is a penalty for garbage thrown in the middle of the street or from a car window on the roadway. Fines can reach up to 1500 euros.
  • Until recently, Irish law prohibited blasphemy. A referendum held in 2018 abolished this restriction. Despite the seeming severity of this law, no one has been officially prosecuted or convicted for anti-religious statements in all this time, but from now on, tourists can really not be afraid of problems because of expressing their beliefs.
  • Another prohibition that is important to know while on a tour of Ireland is that it is forbidden to make fires and set up charcoal barbecues in the parks of this country. Only gas installations are allowed.
  • Those who come to visit Ireland for the first time should take into account that the traffic in this country is left-hand, as in neighboring Great Britain.

When crossing the road, you need to look first to the right and then to the left. You need to take into account the peculiarities of the movement when you use public transport, and even more so when you get behind the wheel.

What should not be done in Ireland according to tradition?

If it is relatively easy to find out about official restrictions, then unspoken bans can cause a lot of trouble.

  • One of the most common misconceptions in the post-Soviet space is to consider the Irish and the British practically one nation.
  • Tourists should remember that Ireland has been under the yoke of Great Britain for several centuries.

Today, only the northern part of the island remains part of the United Kingdom, and the mention of England can affect the national feelings of the Irish and leave a bad impression.

  • It is also worth avoiding discussions of religious views with unfamiliar people.
  • It is considered indecent and offensive to make a V-shaped gesture with the index and middle fingers with the back of the hand towards the interlocutor.

This gesture has been preserved since the Middle Ages, and was used by the Irish archers. In modern Irish culture, it borders on the threat of physical violence, so you should not use it in public places.

  • The Irish do not like it when someone violates their personal space ,therefore, you should not rush towards them with open arms or show any familiarity if you are still little acquainted.

The permissible maximum is a handshake when meeting or meeting. But the inhabitants of this country cannot be called closed — they are always ready to offer all possible assistance to a tourist, for example, suggest the way or call a taxi.