The visa regime is the main obstacle for tourists. If you can get documents to Finland and the Czech Republic in just a few days, then it can take weeks to prepare papers for other countries of the Old World. The delay is mostly due to lack of knowledge.

Travelers who attempt to self-certify are faced with paperwork and unforeseen costs. Urgent visas are available from private organizations — agencies, whose representatives take on all problematic issues.

The most difficult to get permission to enter the UK and Ireland. The policy of the countries of Foggy Albion is such that it imposes strict requirements on foreigners. Upfront costs can be high.

  • Professionals initially study the peculiarities of the visa regime of a particular state and then analyze the traveler’s data.
  • In some cases, obtaining a document is impossible if there are problems with the law or unpaid fines, credit debts. To get to Eastern Europe, you need to have a certain amount of money on your account. This serves as a guarantee that the tourist is financially capable.
  • Most of the time is spent collecting information. To register a visa, you need a foreign passport, a certificate from work or study, papers confirming social and family status, financial condition.
  • It is easier for married couples to get permission to enter «closed» countries. If a tourist travels alone, there is a high risk that he will leave his native country forever and settle abroad (this is what representatives of European states are guided by).
  • Cooperation with private agencies requires investments. The initial investment pays off. The client receives a visa in his hands in a few days. In this case, the specialists will independently go to the visa center, which is engaged in the issuance of a passport.

Employees of the company will advise the customer and help prepare for the trip and take into account possible legal risks and delays.