The Caucasus is the place that at all times was famous for the hospitality of the local population and the fantastic beauty of nature, for this reason many travelers dream of visiting these places.

Primordial forests, majestic mountains and the purest water in lakes and rivers attract more and more travelers every year, who at any time have the opportunity to enjoy their favorite vacation.

There are numerous tourist bases that specialize in a variety of routes for travelers.

The most popular place for recreation is the Lago-Naki highlands, which will leave an unforgettable mark in the memory of every traveler.

Getting to these places, the tourist passes through primeval forests and magnificent meadows. When the road ends, a simply amazing view of fantastic meadows, majestic mountains, whose peaks seem to reach the very sky, will open up to your eyes.

  • Lago-Naki is known for its wide variety of leisure activities for travelers. Here lies the famous route through the pass to the sea. Those who are crazy about waterfalls will be able to enjoy the beauty at Rufabgo.

You can inhale the purest air by visiting the Azish cave, at the bottom of which the purest spring water flows. The walls of this cave are hung with stalagmites and stalactites, sinter formations that are quite a few years old.

Horse riding tours are also in great demand among travelers, which are a kind of emotional relief from the bustle of big cities.

Each vacationer can rent any horse and ride it through the local meadows.