Rest in Russia is good, because there are quite a lot of resort towns. But still, many people prefer to relax in other countries, because the all-inclusive system is most common there.

And Turkey is one of them. Young couples, families with children, and pensioners go here to relax. But, if you do not want your vacation to be spoiled, you need to know about all the nuances of this country.

What should be considered when going on vacation to Turkey?

— Climate. It can be very hot in Turkey, and it is difficult for an ordinary tourist to be in such a climate. Especially in summer the temperature rises to 40-45 degrees. Another thing to consider is high humidity. Therefore, it is better to go on vacation in the fall, especially with children.

In addition, it is worth choosing your wardrobe carefully. It is better to give preference to light things and «breathable» fabrics that will help to endure the heat more easily. Don’t forget hats and sunscreen.

— Food and drinks. It doesn’t matter where you eat: in an all-inclusive hotel or in a cafe. You need to watch what you eat. All Turkish food contains a lot of seasonings, spices and sugar, which is unusual for Russian tourists.

Families with children should be especially careful. The same applies to water. The hotel usually has water prepared for drinking. You won’t find this outside the hotel. It is not recommended to drink ordinary water, because the risk of poisoning is high. It is better to buy drinking water in small bottles.

— Safety. You are going to a foreign country and there are your own rules and customs, you don’t need to break them. Although Turkey is loyal to tourists, you should not make yourself a problem.

Firstly, women should not smile at Turkish men, walk around the city in too revealing clothes. And men should not pay attention to Turkish women, take pictures of them. Secondly, do not talk about religious and political topics.

— Valuables. There are many pickpockets in Turkey, so it is better to leave everything of value in a safe in your room. And take only what you really need with you and put it in your purse, which will always be in sight.

— Market. Many tourists go to the market for sweets and souvenirs. Indeed, the choice here is great, you can buy anything. But you need to be prepared for the fact that you will be annoyed by all the sellers, inviting you to your tent.

Therefore, if you are not interested in their products, then just pass by. And don’t forget to bargain. After all, all the Turks make a huge margin.