Every year in Russia, the days from the first to the eighth of January are declared non-working, because they fall on the New Year holidays. And every year, thousands of people across the country are faced with the same question: «how to spend these holidays, so as not to regret the lost time later?».

This happens in cases where people do not get out of their apartments during the holidays, preferring to watch the TV screen or their mobile phone for hours instead of an active lifestyle.

This “doing nothing” creates in them a sense of their own dissatisfaction, makes them think about how they spent their free time aimlessly. But such thoughts can lead to depression, undermining the mental state of people. So, you need to spend these holidays in such a way that later the thought does not arise that time wasted in vain.

So what do you do during the holidays?

During the holidays you can:
— go in for sports;
— go to the cinema;
— skate;
— get on skis;
— take a walk in the winter forest;
— try yourself in creativity;
— spend time with family.


To begin with, it is important to understand that you should not arrange days of rest after New Year’s Eve, no matter how stormy it was. After all, this will become a waste of time, which, perhaps, you will regret in the future. A better solution would be a morning run. Why not?

During the holidays, you can completely accustom yourself to daily sports, take it as a kind of habit, without which life is already simple and not sweet.

Well, if you have a lot of perseverance and you are ready to take care of your body, then sign up for a gym where, under the strict guidance of professional trainers, you will begin to change yourself.


From some workouts, your head will spin, so you should also think about more entertaining leisure. For example, you can go to the cinema.

As you know, in the modern world there are many opportunities for watching movies without leaving home, and people are already beginning to forget the atmosphere that reigns in cinemas, sincere gatherings with popcorn in their hands. So, it’s time to remember these unforgettable feelings.


During the New Year holidays, you can also go to the skating rink, and if you don’t know how to skate, then it’s time for you to get on them, it’s never too late to learn.

And yes, in the beginning, everything will turn out badly for you, and numerous falls are inevitable, but it will still bring you more vivid emotions than sitting in front of the TV.


  • Exactly the same is the case with skiing and snowboarding. Of course, you won’t be able to become a master from scratch in a week, but you can learn the basic principles.
  • If you are interested in skiing, then it is not necessary to go abroad, in Russia there are many well-known resorts with lower prices than in Europe.

You can go to Sochi, the Caucasus or the Khibiny. Well, if you are a fan of cross-country skiing, then you don’t even need to leave the city, because in winter the parks turn into real tracks where you can safely hone your skills in this sport.

Walks in the winter forest

And what about walks in the winter forest? In good weather, you can enjoy the beauty of nature, the main thing here is to get away from the city, otherwise you won’t be able to truly relax.


If you walked up in the fresh air, and the fuse still remained, then you can take your free time with creativity, for example, drawing, you don’t need any special accessories to try yourself in this art, even a pencil is enough for you.

On the Internet there are many educational videos on the subject of drawing, where you will be taught the basics of this craft. And if you like it, then after the holidays you can sign up for specialized courses.


And don’t forget to spend a couple of winter evenings with your family before work takes up all your time. You can visit distant relatives, make peace with your parents. All this is better to do this holiday week, because then you will again have no time for it.

As you can see, there are many ways to keep yourself busy during the New Year holiday week. Don’t spend your time wrapped up tight in a blanket. Rejoice, have fun and make your next New Year holidays unforgettable!