Beautiful beaches, high waves — this is a real paradise for surfers!

Everyone who is attracted by tourism, recreation and entertainment is captivated by holidays on the islands, because the stunning beauty of nature and sights cannot but captivate.

Indonesia was not a unified state until the 20th century, so a wide variety of peoples live on the islands: Balinese and Javanese, Hindus and dozens of other nationalities with unique cultural values ​​and customs.

  • In Indonesia, both peoples and religious customs are mixed — you can find a variety of cults, from Buddhists to animists.

Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagos, which includes large islands and thousands of tiny islands located on the border of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

  • Indonesia attracts everyone who goes on vacation with a variety of exotic landscapes, pleasant atmosphere, unique culture, original flora and fauna.
  • Therefore, not only tourists come to Indonesia, but also people of art: artists, writers, directors, intrigued by exotic motifs.
  • The unique landscapes of Indonesia are like fantastic visions, and the architecture of ancient buildings can truly be associated with prehistoric times.
  • Sacraments and rituals in the villages are open to many guests.
  • Of course, the most popular island is Bali, and there are islands that are not fully explored — tribes with unique linguistic cultures live there.

Thus, Indonesia is an amazing place that can amaze the imagination.