Hurghada is called a tourist center on the shores of the famous Red Sea. This place is located 500 kilometers to the southeast side of Cairo. The resort place is unique and beautiful due to its diversity.

A lot of beautiful and comfortable hotels have been built on the territory, which are ready to meet every tourist in chic conditions. Fine hotels offer vacationers rooms of different classes. You can choose your own room according to your taste and financial possibilities.

Luxury hotels are suitable for special complexes with a large territory. There are also simple hotels that are located in the city itself, various dust and all the surrounding noise will be heard there.

  • Hurghada has been recognized as a resort destination for families with kids . The reason for this decision was the many beaches with a pleasant and child-friendly entrance to the sea, which consists of sand and pebbles. This is a big plus for every beach.
  • In addition to all of the above, Hurghada has very beautiful and comfortable coral reefs , as well as resorts that are considered one of the best centers for diving.
  • The climate in Hurghada is very good and most importantly dry, which makes it easy for vacationers to endure very hot months of rest.

In the very center of Hurghada, there are all kinds of shopping centers, discos of different tastes, street bazaars, which stand in a chaotic manner.

This place has several well-known districts such as: the famous city of Dahar, the new well-known center of Sakkala and one area that consists of almost only hotels that stand along the seashore closer to the north and south, this area is called New Hurghada.

A lot of pleasant and interesting things can be said about this resort place. Who gets there on vacation will not regret the time spent there. After all, you can’t tell everything with words, much less show it.

  • In areas such as Sakkala and Dahar, there are special hotels for economy class.

Each tourist will be able to choose for himself the most economical vacation with exciting entertainment that are located on the territory of the hotels. In Dahar itself, all the interesting sights of our Hurghada were located.