Montenegro has the best places in Europe for trekking (hiking). It offers various routes lasting up to 6-7 hours.

You will get acquainted with natural and cultural-historical sights and enjoy beautiful landscapes.

Trekking routes run mainly through the national parks: Durmitor (Durmitor), Biogradska Gora (Biogradska gora), Lovcen (Lovcen) and Lake Skadar (Skadarsko jezero).

In particular, the tourist organization of the Durmitor National Park offers 4 km long walks along the footpath along the Black Lake (Crno jezero), equipped with special places for recreation.

  • In addition, there are three marked hiking trails to the lakes of Barno (Barno jezero), Zminje (Zminje jezero) and Vrazje (Vrazje jezero). In Durmitor you can make hiking trips with or without a guide.

A system of marked mountain paths with a total length of about 100 km leads to the highest points of the mountain range.

  • The most common are tours with a starting point at the Black Lake: to Lake Zminye, travel time 1 hour; to lake Jablan (Jablan jezero) 2 hours; to the cave Ledena pecina (Ledena pecina) 3 hours; to the top of Bobotov kuk (Bobotov kuk) 5.5 hours.
  • There are six marked hiking trails in the Biogradska Gora National Park. Basically, these are trails of medium difficulty, the length of which is about 12 km.
  • Each of them leads to the highest points of Crna glava (Crna glava), Zekova glava (Zekova glava), Troglava (Troglava) or lakes Pesica (Pesica jezero), Shishkom (Sisko jezero) and Ursulovacko (Ursulovacko jezero). It is also possible to go on a three or six day tour covering Bjelasica Mountain and other parts of the national park.
  • Along Lake Biogradsko (Biogradsko jezero), the largest of the park’s glacier pools, there is also a 3.3 km trail, equipped with rest areas and six interactive points with information about the flora and fauna of the region.
  • There are three main marked hiking trails in Lovcen National Park.

The first trail, 12.7 km long, goes through the following parts of the mountain range: Palac, Trestenik, Sancevi, Kolozun, Vjetreni Mlin, Dolovi and back to Palac .

  • The second (12 km) leads from the town of Ivanova Korita through the Lake (Jezero) to Bukovica.
  • The third (4.5 km) also starts at Ivanova Korita and leads to Maistori.

In addition, the Lovcen mountain marathon (Lovcenski planinski maraton) has been held in the park for several years in a row in May. Lovers of a healthy lifestyle can test themselves in passing one of the routes of 7, 25 or 42 km along the picturesque mountain trails.

  • Dozens of kilometers of marked trails have been laid in the Skadar Lake National Park, from simple to difficult.

For example, along the valley of the Orahovstica River, along the old caravan route from the village of Komarno to the village of Rijeka Crnojevica, etc. A map of all trails can be bought at the tourist centers of the park for 4 €.