This resort of Abkhazia seems to be created for a magical holiday. Everything here contributes to this. Surroundings with unthinkable beauty, amazing views of the Caucasus Range, majestic mountains, pebble beaches, as well as an excellent climate. In ancient times, Gudauta was the center of the most active trade with merchants from Greece.

The poetic name of this resort contains a romantic legend that tells about the unhappy love of the girl Uta and the young man Guda, who united with each other after their death in the waters of the river flowing through this area. City blocks appeared here only at the end of the 19th century.

Every guest of the city of Gudauta, who has chosen this particular resort from many others in Abkhazia, can learn about this and much more.

  • A trip to this area will be interesting for those who love the beauty of their native planet, for those who are fond of preserved historical and natural monuments. There are a lot of them in Gudauta.

This is a stone reef called Nagv-Ikhahu , which is located near the shore, Assumption Lykhny Cathedral , the ruins of the palace of the rulers of Abkhazia of past centuries.

The most luxurious vacation on Gudauta is considered to be a vacation in Musser and the Gold Coast. They are located far from the city, they are attractive for people who need a calm environment, treatment, and recuperation.

Here, excellent places for walking are thought out, beaches are well-maintained and, as elsewhere in Abkhazia, there are fantastic surroundings that amaze with their beauty. In Gudauta, the holiday season lasts 12 months a year. The healing climate is of great importance here.

That is why many tourists opt for local sanatoriums. Humid and warm climate, sea bathing, clean air — these are exceptional conditions for recreation and health improvement. But it’s not just the city that attracts people.

They are interested in new experiences, interesting journeys. No less useful and interesting is the rest in the resort of New Athos. Abkhazia offers it to tourists who have already visited Gudauta and want to learn more about the sights of this mountainous country.

Entertaining excursions and quiet walks will give tourists and their guests the once famous Anakopia, the ancient capital of Abkhazia.