Traveling is a common hobby of modern people. But if earlier Turkey and Egypt seemed like an ideal way to relax, now all-inclusive with cheap alcohol will not seduce everyone.

How to relax in winter without dancing to “Aram-zam-zam” and shouting “Tag-i-il!”?

First of all, it should be noted that no one in any way detracts from the merits of the above-mentioned resorts. Egypt and Turkey have been, are and will certainly remain, at least in the near future, the most accessible destinations for tourists.

Moreover, the service, in spite of everything, from year to year keeps on top. Five-star five-star strife, but one cannot but pay tribute to the ratio between price and quality of the Turkish and Egyptian sides.

But after all, a person is like this: he gets tired of the good. That is why it is worth expanding the boundaries of the familiar. You definitely need to rest. But where to rush? The soul asks for palm trees, sun and sea breeze … Easy! Maldives, Seychelles, Bahamas… These and other luxury resorts await guests from all over the world 365 days a year. But what about those who have a limited budget?

1. Thailand: land of smiles

Tour operators are ready to offer destinations such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Phuket, Khao Lak, Krabi, Phi Phi and others for those who want to relax with peppercorns.

Thailand is a kind of all-inclusive vacation. After all, this country combines the best that is in Asia. Friendliness and hospitality of the population, comfortable life for tourists, delicious food, a lot of entertainment for every taste.

When visiting Thailand, be prepared for the fact that upon arrival you will want to greet your friends with the phrase stuck in your head: “Kapun ka-ah-ah-ah”, which in Russian translates approximately as “Thank you, wonderful person.”

Pros of holidays in Thailand:

• friendly locals (with the exception of moments when the disagreements relate to the financial side of the issue);
• cheap exotic fruits;
• diverse flora and fauna;
• many natural and architectural sights.

Cons of holidays in Thailand:

• long flight;
• high humidity;
• Those who do not like the island will have a hard time.

2. Goa: visit yogis

If you are sent to three letters — fly to Goa. The Indian state is completely different from the rest of India, but still, even here, newcomers will not find it a little.

Chaos on the roads, local pissing everywhere, homeless cows (and just homeless ones) along the road, the smell of spices and car exhausts, the screams of sellers and motorcycle horns. Chaos? What do you! It’s not just chaos, it’s chaos with a capital letter. But still, there is something in it.

Yes, and you definitely will not stay dry. This is facilitated by kilometers of sandy beaches along the coast of the Arabian Sea. The water temperature is 25-28 degrees, it is convenient and pleasant to swim here, and just walk along the surf line. Where do the eyes look?

Pros of living in Goa:

• almost all locals speak English (but with a very strange accent);
• the opportunity to do yoga, work with the chakras (the most advanced during the New Year holidays will even be able to open their third eye);
• low prices.

Cons of staying in Goa:

• long flight;
• there is practically no Wi-Fi network anywhere (which works);
• cuisine is very spicy, all dishes are with onion and garlic;
• Dirty everywhere, even in the rooms (with the exception of 5* hotels).

3. Philippines: warm but not hot

Holidays in the Philippines are a great alternative to the expensive Seychelles and Maldives. Warm sea and heavenly beaches with white sand await you at the main resorts, such as the islands of Boracay, Cebu, Bohol, Palawan, Mindoro, Negros, Mactan, Mindanao, etc. Unlike other Asian countries, the population of the Philippines is very hospitable.

In catering you will not be asked for a tip, on the streets they will not impose various kinds of services. In addition, in winter, the weather is incredibly pleasing: the temperature of air and water is in perfect proportion. Warm but not hot, swimming cool but not cold.

Pros of living in the Philippines:

• a wide range of extreme entertainment: kiting, scuba diving, snorkeling, parasailing, river rafting, cave visits and much more;
• the most interesting excursions and picturesque beaches;
• the opportunity to live «affordably» (whether you want $5 a day, or you want $5,000).

Cons of holidays in the Philippines:

• long flight;
• the friendliness of the Filipinos (during long holidays, increased attention becomes annoying);
• rental of two-wheeled vehicles is not developed.

4. Ceylon: Let’s move to the equator

If you really run away from the glow of the office monitor, then somewhere closer to the equator. Do you want to relax, forget about the rush and enjoy a measured life? Welcome to Sri Lanka!

It seems that time here moves in some special way, and a delay of five minutes turns into a half-hour wait. Nevertheless, the island attracts with its picturesque nature, which is breathtaking. What are the delightful tea plantations, flora and fauna and, of course, the Indian Ocean!

If you ask if it is worth going to Sri Lanka, the answer is definitely yes! But only if your plans include doing anything but not sitting still.

The island is small enough to explore in a couple of weeks, but so full of sights that you won’t get bored even in a month. In addition, the period from November to January is considered the ideal time to relax.

Pros of holidays in Sri Lanka:

• the most interesting sights, picturesque beaches, rich vegetation;
• very tasty and cheap bakery products (yum-yum!);
• many deserted beaches;
• clean and warm sea;
• smooth and good roads without speed bumps (it’s not scary to enter a scooter, the main thing is not to be afraid of «crazy» buses flying (in the truest sense of the word) past you);
• zoo in reality (here you can meet monitor lizards, monkeys, mongooses, chipmunks and a wide variety of lizards literally everywhere).

Cons of holidays in Sri Lanka:

• long flight;
• observance of the dress code (it is better for girls traveling alone to wear closed clothes);
• monotonous food (believe me, you will be imagining curry for a long time);
• the ability to get fat (see the reason in the pros);
• dirty (but compared to India, very even nothing).

Wherever you go and what direction you choose, it is important to follow the main rule: always take positive and good mood on the road. Be open, don’t be afraid to talk to the locals and smile!