Waterfalls are one of the most wonderful and unusual phenomena of nature. Streams of water flowing in free fall from the top of the mountain make this spectacle unforgettable and make you feel all the natural power of our planet.

Not all waterfalls are accessible to tourists, but there are many beautiful places that are definitely worth seeing. The five presented waterfalls that you can see with your own eyes are located in different countries:

• South Africa, Natal National Park;

• National parks of Zimbabwe and Zambia in South Africa;

• Niagara River, US-Canada border;

• On the border of Argentina and Brazil, where the Iguazu River flows;

• Iceland, Sydurland region.

Tugela waterfall

Due to its height — 948 meters, Tugela ranks second among the world’s waterfalls. The waterfall is not wide, only 15 meters, so its fall, like a thin thread, looks bewitching. The water flows in five cascades, the largest of which is 411 meters long. Tugela is visible from afar, especially in the evening, at sunset.

To get to the waterfall, there are many routes offered, which you can go directly from the National Royal Park.

Victoria Falls

The waterfall is located on the border of two African countries. Considering that the width of Victoria is more than 1800, and the height of the fall of water in some places reaches more than 100 meters, then an incredible rumble becomes explainable, spreading over a very long distance.

The fall of a huge amount of water from such a height forms clouds of steam. For these two phenomena, the locals nicknamed the waterfall «Thundering Smoke».

There is a railway near the waterfall, along which it is quite possible to get to the place itself, both countries also offer excursions to visit the waterfall, with the issuance of a one-day visa.

Niagara Falls

Perhaps one of the most grandiose spectacles in the world, this is the Niagara complex, consisting of three waterfalls, more than 1000 meters long. The waterfall is located on the border of Canada and the United States.

Both countries are vying to decorate their part of the waterfall, so in addition to natural beauty and power, here you can admire various spectacles, such as multi-colored illumination of seething water streams and salutes from the Canadian side.

Iguazu Falls Cascade

The complex, stretching for almost 3 km along the border of Argentina and Brazil, consists of 275 waterfalls.

Iguazu is an ideal place to visit, there are all conditions for tourists to stay: pedestrian and car paths, bars, restaurants, shops, recreation areas, and all this, surrounded by seething streams of water, colored with colorful rainbows.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall

One of the most fabulous places on the planet, located under the bright blue skies of Iceland, surrounded by flowering fields. A stream of water falls from an overhanging cliff, and you can watch this miracle even from the inside, standing behind the stream.

The nature of the Earth is rich in unusual places and waterfalls are rightfully one of the most spectacular natural phenomena.

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