A huge number of amazing places are scattered around our planet, where we find incredible animals and plants that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Buying inexpensive tours to Turkey, you can see many unique representatives of flora and fauna.
Each country can boast of living on its territory some amazing creatures.

  • So, for example, happy owners of last-minute tours from Moscow to the Dominican Republic can fully enjoy the exotic. There are many interesting animals and plants in this state.
  • Turkey, by the way, is not inferior to an expensive resort at all, and is also ready to surprise its guests.
  • Firstly, here is the Istuzu beach, which is one of the largest rookeries of the ancient caretta turtles. Unfortunately, this species is on the verge of extinction, but tourists can still enjoy the amazing sight of their landfall.
  • In addition, inexpensive tours to Turkey will allow you to get acquainted with the fluffy dormouse — this is a cute rodent that lives only on the territory of this country. By the way, it is listed in the Red Book.
  • This sad list does not yet include two funny species of wild goats, which are extremely rare in other parts of the world, the chamois and the bezoar goat.
  • In addition to interesting animals, you can admire marvelous birds. One of the prides of the country is the Caspian snowcock. This is a small creature that loves the highlands. When they get scared, they run up the mountain. There are also few of them left, and therefore, they have been under protection for a long time.
  • Many other unique birds living in that country will not do without careful supervision: the long-legged buzzard, the red-winged wall-climber, the alpine hawker and many others.
  • Buying inexpensive tours to Turkey, you can also see many exotic plants. A large number of so-called endemics grow here — species that live in a very small area. Among them, mountain iron tea, Munzur buttercup and thyme are found in local parks.
  • The Turkish government is very concerned about preserving the unique nature of their country. All parks here are under state protection.

Most tourists know that it is strictly forbidden to take even the most unremarkable representatives of the local flora and fauna outside the state. In addition to fines, this can even result in criminal prosecution.