Romania is home to the world’s most famous vampire, charming UNESCO-listed monuments and incredible diversity.

When is the best time to go to Romania?

The best time to travel to Romania is from May to October due to pleasant temperatures and low rainfall.


The currency used in Romania is the Romanian leu (RON). This currency is not very popular in Russian exchange offices, so it is recommended to have euros with you, which can then be exchanged on the spot.

ATMs in Romania are located in many public places and are open all the time. Payment by card is also possible, but be aware of possible currency conversion costs.

What can you eat in Romania?

Romanian cuisine is a mixture of dishes from different traditions, cultures and peoples. One of the most popular dishes is chorbae soup, which has a characteristic sour taste and is very thick.

  • There are many types of chorbae, sometimes with meat or fish added. Another popular dish is hominy, a dish of boiled corn porridge that is served both as a main course and as an accompaniment to other, more complex dishes.
  • In Romania, you can find many dishes reminiscent of Russian cuisine. Sarmale may be associated with Russian cabbage rolls. Minced meat or meat-rice is wrapped in sauerkraut leaves or grape leaves.
  • In addition to lunch dishes, snacks are also worth trying. The appetizer is a vegetable paste (mainly tomatoes, eggplant, paprika), which is a great addition to bread.
  • Cheeses (for example, cascaval or feta cheese) made from sheep’s or cow’s milk are also recommended.

As for drinks, you can try local beer, wines from Romanian vineyards, or something stronger like plum brandy. It is considered the national alcohol.

What should be brought from Romania?

  • From Romania, you can bring popular drinks from Romanian vineyards or plum brandy. Tourists also like to buy cheese or natural plum jam.
  • In Romania, you can also buy a lot of souvenirs related to folklore, crafts — ceramics, tablecloths, wooden cutlery. Of course, there are plenty of outlets selling items related to the legendary Count Dracula.

Do you need a visa?

Foreign tourists can enter Romania with a visa issued by Romania or an open Schengen visa of any country.