Kazakhstan is a country rich in phenomenal sights, high mountains, steppes, desert landscapes and UNESCO listed monuments.

When is the best time to go to Kazakhstan?

The most favorable time for traveling around Kazakhstan is from May to September, when the air temperature is pleasant and there is little rainfall.


The monetary unit of Kazakhstan is the tenge (KZT). Payment cards are accepted in hotels and restaurants. ATMs can be found in major cities.

When leaving for Kazakhstan, a tourist can take with him euros or US dollars, which can later be exchanged for local currency.

What is worth eating in Kazakhstan?

  • A dish that every visitor to Kazakhstan should try is their national dish — beshbarmak . Literally translated, the name means “five-finger dish”, as it is eaten with fingers, without the use of cutlery.

Beshbarmak is made from pieces of meat — horse meat, lamb, mixed in broth with noodles (the broth itself is then served separately).

  • Another dish worth mentioning is manti , which are dumplings with minced meat, shaped like a coin purse.
  • Shertpek , which is a mixture of honey and horse fat, will also be an interesting treat.
  • For tourists who want to try original drinks, koumiss is worth noting .

This is a drink obtained by alcoholic fermentation of milk sugar. This drink contains many vitamins and people believe in its healing properties.

Interestingly, this is the only type of alcohol that is allowed for Muslims who, by drinking it, do not worry about violating the laws written in the Qur’an.

What should you bring with you from Kazakhstan?

  • From a trip to Kazakhstan, it is worth bringing ceramics or decorative items made of felt, for example, decorative yurts, which are small copies of nomads’ houses, designed to be symbols of the family.
  • Also popular are traditional Kazakh costumes or headdresses, the so-called takiye, which are made of cotton, silk or velvet and decorated with national ornaments.

Tourists also often buy Kazakh chocolate wrapped in a wrapper depicting the country’s flag as a souvenir.

Do you need a visa?

Foreign tourists can enter Kazakhstan without a visa (provided that their stay does not exceed 30 days). Only a valid passport is required.

Interesting Facts:

— the main religion is Islam;
— Kazakhstan is the largest landlocked country;
— the longest river is the Irtysh, the length of which is 1,698 km;
— the highest peak — Khan Tengri — 7010 m above sea level;
-Kazakhstan is divided into 14 regions and 3 separate cities.