Georgia is the birthplace of wine, gourmet cuisine and hospitality.

When is the best time to go?

  • The warmest weather in Georgia is from June to August, within 25-30.

Precipitation is moderate, but humidity is high. The temperature in winter (January-February) is about 1.

Country currency

The current currency in Georgia is the Georgian Lari (GEL) . The availability of ATMs is good, Mastercard and Visa are supported (you can withdraw dollars or lari), but when traveling to small towns and mountains, it is worth having cash with you.

What is worth eating?

Undoubtedly, the first on the list of Georgian dishes to try are khinkali — dumplings filled with hot broth and seasoned with lamb, beef or pork meat, which are eaten without cutlery.

  • The second most popular dish is khachapuri, a boat-shaped flatbread stuffed with baked cheese and served with egg yolk and a piece of butter.

What should be brought from the country?

  • Many tourists bring original hats from Georgia — the Khevsuri hat, made of yarn and decorated with Georgian motifs, is a very popular purchase.
  • For winter colds, they buy the so-called hats — large fur hats.
  • Real works of art are felt products, for example, long and wide scarves covered with interesting patterns.
  • As souvenirs from Georgia, one cannot fail to mention Georgian wine, which is known all over the world, for example, Saperavi wine — dry red wine from Kakheti.

Do you need a visa?

Citizens of other countries do not need a visa to visit Georgia.

Interesting Facts:

• The country has the shortest river — Repruav falls into the Black Sea and has a length of only 18 meters.

• The highest peak is Shkhara, its height is 5193 meters above sea level.

•Georgians are very hospitable people, one of their sayings says that a guest is a gift from God.

• Despite driving on the right side, many cars have the steering wheel on the right side due to the very loose traffic regulations and low prices of such cars imported from Japan.
• Leh Kaczynski is a national hero of Georgia, there you can find streets named after him, he also has his own monument in the city of Batumi.

•Wine and chacha (local vodka) are national spirits.

•Georgians have their own alphabet, it is very difficult to learn it.