In the capital of Quito, amazing mountain landscapes with snow-capped peaks, periodic volcanic eruptions, as well as buildings of colonial tribes await you.

  • In the city center, you can see how the soldiers of the Ecuadorian army keep order near the walls of the Presidential Palace.
  • There are several churches nearby: La Merced, which has an annex as a convent, and La Compagna , which was built by the Jesuit tribes.
  • Basilica Del Voto Nacional is considered to be the tallest building in the country , which is located on a small hill.

Tourists are invited to visit the two bell towers of the basilica, which have an impressive size, which makes them visible from almost anywhere in the city.

  • The medieval monastery of San Francisco is located on the square of the same name, where sculptures and images of saints are presented to your attention.
  • Quito’s close relative in architecture is another fabulous city, Cuenca . It has many colonial Spanish buildings, which are equipped with patios and small balconies.
  • The Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción is a stunning heritage of the cathedrals of antiquity, with a façade made by the best architects of the day.
  • The most significant military structure of the Incas is considered the fortress of Ingapirca.
  • A significant part of the masters of painting lives in the territory of the small settlement of El Kayas . Here, the magnificent beauty of lakes and lagoons excites the mind.
  • The economic center in which all the economic power of the country is concentrated is the city of Guayaquil. Here you can visit the original market, which is covered with glass, the clock tower, see the mechanism of an old clock, swim in the splendor of the botanical gardens.

Among the revered holidays here is Banana Day, when festivals and fairs are held.