Many travelers perceive the trip to Yakutia ambiguously. Some believe that there is nothing there except snow and frost. However, this is an erroneous opinion.

The harsh Northern Territory is harsh only in winter, but at the same time it is beautiful with its unique nature. And the capital of Yakutia, the city of Yakutsk, is ready to meet every guest and tell a lot of interesting things about the region.

What to eat delicious in the city?

Tourists rush to Yakutia to taste the national treats of the Yakuts. Of course, there are many restaurants of Yakut cuisine in the city that offer very delicious dishes:

— beef giblets soup (Is miine) Dish for an amateur, as it has a specific smell. However, with proper preparation, it will be felt minimally;

— you can try horse meat soup;
— Yakut fish soup — burbot with semolina and flour;

— buttermilk porridge with berries (Butugas);

— blood sausage;
— stroganina from freshly frozen fish or raw liver;

— pancakes from crucian caviar.

You can also try the delicious national drink Kumys, which is made from horse milk. Like Yakut tea with boiled milk. There are delicious Yakut sweets.

Kerchikh — similar to ice cream, made from heavy cream with lingonberries, everything is whipped and frozen. Frozen milk froth dessert with an unusual taste.

There is also Choohon — a dessert made from whipped butter with milk and berries.

Unique sights of the city

  • The highlight of the city are museums that tell about the ancient inhabitants of Yakutia and the existence of mammoths in the land of Olonkho. So you can visit the Mammoth Museum, where there are exhibits of real found bones. Many specimens of teeth and tusks of an extinct animal are kept.
  • There is also a stuffed baby cub. A recent find by archaeologists will amaze you — the remains of a mammoth’s trunk. Paleontological finds will surprise any tourist. There, the museum presents exhibits of many animals living on the territory of Yakutia.
  • In the Khomus Museum you can see the national Yakut musical instruments. There is a large collection of khomuses, from the most ancient to the modern.
  • Guests of the city are also in a hurry to visit the historical center of the Old Town, where the houses of merchants and nobles that used to be located there in the 19th century were recreated.
  • You can visit the most unique place — the Kingdom of Permafrost. But he is outside the city. There, in a large glacier, an ice city was made, which is interesting for both adults and children to walk around.
  • The cultural side of the city is illuminated by theaters: Academic Russian Drama Theater. A.S. Pushkin, Opera and Ballet Theatre. D. K Omoloon, Olonkho Theater Sakha Academic Theater named after P.A. Oyunsky.

The entertainment part of the city is made up of a variety of nightclubs, bars, restaurants with live music, of which there are a lot in the city.

natural attractions

  • To have a good rest and enjoy the beauties of the Yakut nature, you can go on a mini boat trip along the Lena River to the Lena Pillars Reserve.
  • This reserve is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There, nature will appear in all its glory. There is a recreation center Chochur Muran, popular among guests and residents of Yakutsk, outside the city.
  • It is located at the foot of the mountain of the same name. There are places for family outings. A quiet place with fresh clean flattering air will allow you to relax and take a break from the noisy city. There are also many other tourist bases outside the city, which are located in the most picturesque places near the Lena River.

Yakutsk is a unique city built on the expanse of permafrost. Despite its originality, it is full of modern life. Tours of museums will tell a lot of interesting things about its history. The nature of Yakutia is also magnificent.

Near the city there are several camp sites where you can enjoy beautiful scenery. The special national cuisine of the Yakut people will surprise guests with its delights and tastes.