China is a country that has only begun to attract tourists in recent years. Previously, there were not many visitors to China, despite the fact that the city has always been famous all over the world. It is in China that the largest number of people, a huge number of electronic devices and world attractions are listed in the «7 Wonders of the World».

A trip to China is something special and unique. It is difficult to find a country with such interesting people, unexplored traditions, beautiful views and wonders. The combination of architecture and religion of the past with modern buildings and development makes China a unique country.

  • Beijing is the capital of the country, and this is just a lane for any tourist. Walking around Beijing, you can see how the indigenous people of China live, what culture they profess and what places they keep like the apple of their eye.

Chinese Wall

The Great Wall of China — a wonder of the world, is the biggest attraction of the country, because its length is 6300 km. This is not just a beautiful building, it is the preservation of an entire era, culture and history.

  • Every Chinese knows the history of the wall and will also tell you all the legends associated with it. When the nomads attacked the Chinese cities, it was decided to build a protective wall.

The construction of the wall began in the 7th century BC. and ended completely only in the 16th century AD.

forbidden city

In the center of Beijing is the Imperial Palace, called the Forbidden City. This is a landmark that tells the history of China in the best possible way.

sky lake

The location of the lake in the mountains makes it one of the most beautiful and luxurious in the world. On the shore of the lake there are several houses for rent.

  • Of course, tourists book them in advance, but if there is such an opportunity, you should definitely rent a house to admire the beauties of the lake.

ocean aquarium

Shanghai has the largest ocean aquarium, which tourists from all over the world come to see. The aquarium has four deep tunnels made entirely of glass.

You can see with your own eyes about 11,000 different forms of marine life. By the way, in the aquarium you can take photos and videos, so that all impressions can remain in memory.

You can’t learn China from books and videos because it won’t be the way it really is. To understand the country, learn more about its development and opportunities, you will have to put aside all your affairs and go on a trip around the country, where each city has its own specifics.

The development of China is so close that each tourist brings his own unique and unforgettable experience.