If you want to combine a relaxing holiday with a vibrant excursion program, get health benefits and indulge yourself with exotic cuisine, go on one of the fascinating routes in China, including cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Sanya on the island of Hainan and Shanghai.

  • It is best to start your acquaintance with Beijing from the huge main Tiananmen Square , which can simultaneously accommodate up to 1 million visitors and the imperial palace with its 9999 rooms.

Luxurious flower parks and gardens, small lanes, hutongs, the width of which does not exceed 9 meters, with cozy traditional Chinese courtyards, will help you feel the atmosphere of an ancient eastern country.

  • Be sure to visit the Great Wall of China , the longest architectural structure in the world, and climb up to the majestic Temple of Heaven and Yonghegong Temple.
  • For colorful folk souvenirs, you can go to the Lyulichan Antiques Street or the Sunday Antiques Market.
  • If you have time, be sure to visit the old Houhai area , with numerous bars and flavors of Chinese cuisine.
  • Another attraction of Beijing is the former summer residence of the emperor, the city of Chade, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Shanghai is an incredible combination of technical architectural progress and the national traditions of the Chinese people.

These are tunnels over the river, and monorail trains on a magnetic cushion, and skyscrapers with observation decks at the very top, from where a gorgeous view of the city opens.

  • And just a stone’s throw from the ancient Chinese quarters, where the Temple of the Jade Buddha is located, the stunning Yu Yuan Garden of Youth — a worthy example of ancient garden art and the Gang embankment.
  • Romantic natures will like a boat trip along the Huangpu River.
  • You can buy souvenirs in Shanghai on Nanjinglu Street , where there is an antiques market, folk art and a flea market with rather unusual goods.
  • If you want peace, sun and sandy beaches between exciting trips, you should go to Hainan Island.

Resting on the beaches of the island, you can significantly improve your health and restore your skin to a blooming appearance, the local air and water have a truly healing power. And for professional help, you can turn to numerous spas offering body and soul care according to ancient Chinese recipes.

  • If you are fond of the science of Feng Shui, be sure to visit Nanshan Buddhism and Longevity Park . According to experts, this place is literally filled with positive energy that restores the harmony of the soul.

And the proof of this is the high concentration of centenarians here.

  • From the main city on the island of Sanya, you can go hiking through the tropical jungle or rafting on the Wangquan He River, the final destination of which will be a visit to the Jianfengling National Park. Another attraction of the island is thermal springs.

The chemical composition of the water is rich in useful minerals and trace elements, which is why many tourists call these springs the elixir of eternal youth and health. A very unusual and pleasant procedure is swimming with small fish, which cleanse the skin of impurities and the upper stratum corneum. After such a procedure, the skin shines with health and freshness.

  • Shopping lovers should definitely visit Hong Kong. Sales are constantly held here, and shops and night markets are open around the clock. In Hong Kong you will find everything — from the simplest inexpensive things to real haute couture masterpieces.

Traveling around Chinese cities gives a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions. Anyone who has visited China at least once will dream of coming again.