City of Vologda

The five-domed Sophia Cathedral was erected under the personal supervision of Ivan the Terrible and resembles the Assumption Cathedral in Moscow. For the sake of preserving the frescoes of the icon painter Dmitry Plekhanov, the temple is open to visitors only in dry and warm weather. Nearby is an octagonal belfry with bells of the […]

Travel around Murmansk

Teriberka on the Murmansk coast of the Kola Peninsula is the only settlement in the European part of Russia on the Barents Sea, which can be reached by car. After the release of Andrey Zvyagintsev’s film «Leviathan», there are many tourists here both in summer and in winter. They swing on beach swings, eat cod […]

Journey through Syzran

The history of Syzran covers several centuries, which is reflected in its appearance, which has retained its originality and former splendor. The main decoration of the city are restored mansions, temples, monasteries and unique buildings that attract many tourists. Pilgrims also come to Syzran, wishing to visit Christian shrines, erected in the 17th century, and […]

Sights of Kostroma.

Connected by a common geographical position and a common historical destiny with many cultural centers of Ancient Rus’, Kostroma is located in the north-east of Moscow along the banks of the Great Volga and the Kostroma Bay. It is an integral part of a simple, but at the same time unique region of Russia — […]

Island in Zanzibar

Zanzibar has perfectly clear water, and the sand is soft and incredibly white. The buildings here look like they were transported from another time, and the designs for them are taken from all over the world. For centuries this dynamic archipelago has been visited by merchants, sailors and explorers from all over the world. house […]

Traveling in India

The Indian subcontinent is home to mountain ranges, hill stations and soaring peaks over 3,000 meters high. The Himalayan mountain ranges in India are the most famous mountain ranges and are home to the highest peaks in the world. In India, the Himalayas stretch for more than 2,500 kilometers from west to east. Other high […]

Vyborg Top 5 attractions

Vyborg is very reminiscent of the town of medieval Europe. This is no accident, because, in its long history, it belonged to Sweden, Finland, and Russia. It happens that very little time is allocated to get to know the city. What to see first and what to leave for later. Below are 5 must-see attractions. […]

Little-known places in St. Petersburg

The city of Petra is entirely connected with our perception. From Moscow to the most remote corners of the Far East, whoever you ask, every resident of Russia will definitely name at least two famous objects. In this article, you will find descriptions of little-known, but no less interesting places in the City on the […]

Attractions Uryupinsk

Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Golden Ring of Russia, Kazan are a storehouse of sights, monuments and historical places. There are also many museums, theaters and exhibitions in these cities. All this attracts a large mass of tourists. And here is the city of Uryupinsk. Does it have the opportunity to become a tourist center? Uryupinsk […]