In autumn and winter, you can sometimes have a great vacation on the Black Sea coast. Always clean sea air, not polluted by slags, dust and gases, has a beneficial effect on the body.

Walking along the sea promenade, free from a huge crowd of vacationers, you can find peace of mind, improve your health and get emotional satisfaction from the sparkling sea expanses.

  • The Krasnodar Territory has a network of coastal health resorts, health resorts and sanatoriums, which are ready to receive guests all year round, and in the off-season please with low prices.
  • The Kuban is famous for its extraordinary mud volcanoes, therapeutic mud and mineral waters.
  • The sunny beaches of Anapa treat everyone and everything. Golden placers of sand, warming and massaging the skin, soothe sciatica, neuralgia and rheumatism.
  • The Black Sea water, washing the sandy shores, helps in the treatment of the lungs and bronchi.
  • Morning sunbathing promotes the resolution of inflammation, has a healing effect on wounds, and provides the body with vitamin D.
  • The healing air of the Great Caucasus Mountains, the aroma emanating from the juniper forests in the vicinity of Anapa, relieve headaches, bring blood pressure back to normal, fill the body with the energy of life.
  • Thermal springs located in the Mostovsky district near Anapa are a unique gift of nature that attracts guests.

Bathing in a thermal pool is always beneficial for many systems of a sick and tired body, it has a beneficial effect on metabolism and the general condition of a person.

But especially pleasant emotions from bathing occur during the off-season, when it is cool outside, and the water warms and heals at the same time.

  • The original healing sights of the Kuban are mud volcanoes. Mud baths, available in ancient times only to the privileged class, today are taken by everyone who wants to improve the body and rejuvenate.
  • Resort guests with breathing problems will find it useful to visit the unique natural health resort — Cypress Lake.

Inhaling the aroma of cypress trees, mixed with the smell of oaks and hornbeams, admiring the peaceful beauty of marvelous places, you can feel an extraordinary burst of energy.

To enhance the healing effect, it is useful to visit the pump rooms with natural mineral waters.

  • Sanatoriums of the Krasnodar Territory have a large number of programs for recovery using the most modern medical technologies.
  • In the off-season, you can take advantage of special offers and book wellness holidays at a reduced price.

Using the sanatorium program «Southern Health Resort» you can purchase a health tour with medical procedures on favorable terms.