Barcelona, ​​Spain… How much we know about it, and how little at the same time.

A lot, for a city that isn’t even the capital; little, for a city that can offer its guests so much history, soul and character.

Yes, yes, Barcelona is truly a city with a soul.

Those who travel a lot, who have had a chance to tell many different cities, towns, settlements and villages in their life, will surely understand what I am talking about. Indeed, there are indeed many cities in the world that are forgotten very quickly, and it is difficult to identify them, even looking at the same faceless photographs against the backdrop of Gothic cathedrals or city parks.

  • Barcelona is not like that. You get into the city and you feel it in every little stone, in every white-toothed one you meet, in every sound. If we compare cities with people, then Barcelona could be compared to a young, wild girl who changes clothes as she pleases and walks until morning without worrying about tomorrow.
  • What is the immortal architecture of Gaudi worth, which organically fit into the architecture of the city and make it somehow unearthly, inhuman. Driving through the city, you will definitely notice the works of the great master. They catch the eye and make you think.
  • And the old city, as ancient as humanity and absolutely shamelessly exhibiting its … clean linen for everyone to see. Yes, exactly underwear, and in the truest sense.
  • The old town, the pride and main attraction of Barcelona, ​​with its tall medieval buildings, narrow streets and dark pavements, looks like it still exists in those distant times when Barcelona was inhabited only by fishermen. The linen hung on ropes stretched between the houses, and the dark eyes of the entrances, enhance the impression.

But of course, first of all, Barcelona owes its soul to people and the sun. Both the sun and the people in Barcelona love to smile and share. The sun shares its warmth and light, transforming everything dull and gray (which, by the way, there is not much in Barcelona) into bright and warm. And people share their temperament, enthusiasm and eternal youth.

And this is how she lives, forever young, perky and obstinate, but desired and beloved, Barcelona.