In the central part of Asia, there is a unique creation of mother nature — a lake called Baikal. This natural object is associated with a huge number of legends and mysterious stories.

The fact is that strange phenomena that have no logical explanation are often noted here, which invariably arouse interest not only among lovers of mysticism, but also among representatives of the scientific community.

Local guests talk about Angara, the daughter of a majestic reservoir. Despite my father’s anger. She decided to stay with her beloved Yenisei. The father, being in an angry mood, threw a stone at the recalcitrant daughter, which remained in the central part of the source and was called the Shaman-stone. The Angara is a unique river, because is the only one that flows out of Lake Baikal, while all the others are directed, on the contrary, into lakes and seas.

  • Scientists are still arguing about how long ago Baikal was formed.

According to the most common scientific hypotheses, this natural object appeared on our planet about 25-35 million years ago. Such a natural phenomenon can be called unique, because the vast majority of lakes exist for no more than 10,000-15,000 years, and then naturally die: they transform into swamps, or completely dry up.

  • Baikal is the deepest lake on the planet

In some places, its depth reaches 1642 meters. The average depth is about 744 meters. It is noteworthy that this lake contains about 20% of all fresh water reserves on Earth. At the same time, the liquid is transparent, enriched with oxygen and contains a small concentration of organic impurities and mineral compounds.

The high quality of Baikal water is ensured by the small crustacean epishura, which is considered endemic in Baikal and represents about 90% of the biological mass of Baikal.

Those who have seen the lake talk about unusual phenomena and mysterious mirages. Near Cape Rytoy, according to local stories, fireballs often fly by, as if guarding the depths of the gorges. Not far from Cape Khoboy, unknown substances are found that let light pass through them. Not far from Cape Bogatyr, a column of light was seen, shimmering in different colors, rushing up.

Therefore, it is not surprising that various kinds of shamanic rituals were performed on Baikal. Babies that were born were also carried here. There was a belief that here children, who should become legendary warriors, gain spiritual and physiological strength.

In winter, thick ice blocks cover the surface of the lake, allowing access to caves and grottoes at water level. The transparent growths of ice, which have an extremely bizarre structure, amaze the imagination.

In addition, the highest mountains on Earth are hidden in the lake — about 7 thousand meters. Many people assume that this huge mountainous firmament hides the remains of an ancient human civilization, or creatures from an as yet unknown world. As one of the arguments, supporters of these versions cite regular earthquakes, which can be caused by potential man-made activities somewhere deep.

It is noteworthy that over 50% of the representatives of fauna and flora on Baikal and in the vicinity of the lake seem to be endemic, as if there is an ecological system independent of the whole surrounding world.

In particular, only here the freshwater seal seal is found. No one has yet figured out how these cute animals appeared here.

On the lake shores covered with sand, unique larches and pines grow — Baikal stilted trees, as the locals say.

In the eastern part of Transbaikalia there is a mysterious desert called Aman-Khan , where quicksand is not such a rarity. Despite its relatively small size, this desert is extremely dangerous: verdant shrubs are visible everywhere, forming a false sense of security.

There is a legend that a huge monster lives in Baikal. This is partly confirmed by the locals, talking about the occasional growling sound from the lake.

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Of course, everyone may not trust the legends and myths, but one thing is for sure — this lake hides a lot of secrets. Its entire area is saturated with mysticism, eternity and antiquity. To feel all this, it is enough to go on a trip to Lake Baikal.