In their desire to see almost the whole world, avid travelers visit a variety of countries and cities. Of course, the main goal of any trip is sightseeing, acquaintance with local customs, amusements, and national cuisine.

However, no trip can be successful if the issue of housing is not resolved. It is interesting that today many tourists no longer want to stay in hotels, but prefer apartments and cottages to them.

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One of the most fashionable tourist destinations in Europe is Hungary, not only the capital of the country, the handsome Budapest and the famous resort of Balaton, but also small, but very colorful and interesting cities — say, Miskolc.

This ancient medieval city is now the fourth most populated in Hungary. Miskolc is known for its fascinating history, architecture, wonderful restaurants and eateries.

In prehistoric times and in antiquity, the territory of modern Miskolc was inhabited by different tribes. The Hungarians arrived here in the 9th century, and since then these places have belonged to them. Miskolc witnessed dramatic events, bloody wars, fires and destruction.

The city should be visited by people who are interested in the medieval history of Europe, because there are several amazing ancient monuments here — for example, the Gyösgyor fortress.

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  • In the 20th century, Miskolc was an industrial city with a developed economy. After the collapse of the socialist camp, the city is going through a difficult period, but guests are always welcome here.

What sights of Miskolc can be recommended first of all?

Of course, the Gyosgyor fortress , built in the 13th century. Only one glance at the citadel shows that this building is several centuries old, and one can imagine what terrible events it survived.

Built to defend the city, the fortress was seriously damaged by the Turks in the 16th century and almost completely destroyed by Austrian troops in the early 18th century.

Gyosgyor stood in ruins until the middle of the last century, when the fortress was partially restored. However, even now a significant part of the building is in a deplorable state and is waiting for the next restoration work.

  • Of the other interesting sights of Miskolc, one can single out Town Hall Square , having visited which, you seem to find yourself in the Middle Ages. The bright decoration of the city is the chic building of the National Theatre.

Well, about the tolerance with which the Hungarian people treated representatives of different faiths, says the presence of several places of worship at once.

  • This is a Calvinist church with unique wooden interior decorations, and a baroque Greek Orthodox church, and a Catholic church, and a synagogue.
  • As for entertainment, restaurants, cafes and eateries are undoubtedly of the greatest interest in Hungarian cities. It is impossible to come to Hungary and not try the world-famous Hungarian food and spirits.

You will be surprised, but many of the dishes that make up our daily menu today come from Hungary. These are goulash, paprikash, lecho, salami sausage, bacon. And real Hungarian strong drinks — vermouth, Tokay and apricot vodka — have no equal anywhere.

Hungary is a country of amazing culture and history that any traveler will be curious to visit.

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