In winter, Turkey is still one of the most popular resorts, as it offers its guests an excellent holiday with the highest quality service at reasonable prices.

Despite the fact that in the middle of winter it is quite cold on the entire Mediterranean coast, this does not affect the number of guests coming to Turkey.

What to expect from the weather in January?

Turkey is considered one of the hottest countries in the Central Asian region. However, even here the weather begins to deteriorate with the onset of the calendar winter.

  • In early January, the average air temperature is about fifteen degrees. At night, even less. At night it is really cold here, because the thermometer does not rise above seven or eight degrees.

The weather conditions in January are really not very conducive to a beach holiday: in the month of January, there are only about five hours of sunshine a day.

At the same time, it rains for about a third of the month, which also does not encourage walks along the beaches. The average temperature in the sea is about eighteen degrees.

How to spend your holidays in Antalya

  • Since the weather at the beginning of the calendar winter is not very conducive to a full-fledged beach holiday, swimmers can really be seen infrequently. This is due not only to the low temperature of the water, but also to the fact that a cold wind constantly blows from the sea. True, there are individual daredevils, but there are not many of them.
  • Tourists vacationing in Antalya in winter, as a rule, prefer to swim in heated pools. Given the rather cold weather conditions, it will be necessary to stock up on warm clothes and shoes in advance. In the morning and in the evening, the presence of a sweater and a warm jacket is simply vital.

But even taking into account the cool air temperature, there are no fewer people who want to go on vacation to Antalya at the end of January. Antalya offers its guests other options for spending holidays that are in no way inferior to the beach. Among them:

  • SPA centers, which are located at many hotels;
  • health and beauty treatments;
  • hiking;
  • rich excursion program;
  • ski resort.

Vacation prices in January

January is quite popular among tourists, despite not the most benign weather conditions. Therefore, those who wish to go on vacation to Turkey are not decreasing every year.

Very popular New Year’s vouchers are designed for those who want to combine the celebration of the New Year with quality rest, relaxation in spas and acquaintance with the rich cultural heritage of this country.

Prices for weekly tours for double occupancy start at eighty-six thousand for two. For this amount, you can buy a week-long tour to Turkey and relax together in a three-star hotel. Depending on the location and the «star» of the hotel, the cost may increase.