Where to go in the capital of Tatarstan if you have one or two days at your disposal? In this article you will find a list of places in Kazan that you must visit. Reading time: 3 min. 53 sec.

Bauman pedestrian street

The beginning of a typical tourist route starts from the Bronze Clock at the Tukaya Square metro station. The street got its nickname «Kazansky Arbat» due to its popularity among tourists and the abundance of attractions.

Ancient temples and unusual museums coexist here with tourist shops and cafes for any budget.

The carriage of Empress Catherine the Second, the Kazan cat, the Brening pharmacy built in the 19th century, the bell tower of the Epiphany Cathedral, which offers an interesting view of the city center, St. Nicholas and Peter and Paul Cathedrals and much more — you can list for a very long time.

Kremlin street

A walk through the historical center of Kazan cannot be complete without visiting this ancient street, which abounds in architectural masterpieces. The street starts at May 1 Square and ends at the University Square of the KFU campus.

You should definitely see the House of Ushkova, Aleksandrovsky passage and Chernoyarovsky passages, those who want to plunge into the history of the region should visit the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan (the exposition includes a genuine carriage of Catherine the Great, a copy of which is located on Bauman Street, and much more).

Kazan Kremlin

The Kazan Kremlin can rightly be called the heart of the city, because behind its fortress walls ancient monuments reminiscent of the history of Kazan have been preserved, for example, the ruins of the Khan’s Palace and the mausoleum of the Kazan khans, the Annunciation Cathedral of the 16th century, the Syuyumbike tower built in the 17th century and much more.

The main Muslim shrine of the city, the Kul-Sharif Mosque, opened in 2005, is a must-see. The defensive structure is located on a hill, thanks to which you can see the city center from open observation platforms.

Kremlin embankment

A well-maintained walking area along the Kazanka River will not leave any tourist indifferent. Here everyone will find something to their liking: you can rent roller skates, a bicycle, in winter you can rent skates, because the embankment turns into the longest skating rink in Europe.


A variety of cafes and restaurants, areas with attractions and playgrounds, sports equipment, the availability of both standard shops and sun loungers — all this will allow you to have a great time overlooking the main sights of the city.

National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan

Relatively recently, in a building designed in the style of Soviet modernism, the renovated National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan was opened, which is a modern public space for coworking and more.

This place is worth a visit, if only because there are not many such projects implemented in our country.

Old Tatar Sloboda

If you want to truly feel the Tatar culture, then you definitely need to take a walk here. Visit the oldest stone mosque in Kazan, the Marjani Mosque, built in the 17th century.

Look at the Shamil House, which houses the literary museum of Gabdulla Tukay, the Yunusov-Apanaev mansion and many other original Tatar buildings.

Museums will not leave tourists indifferent either: go to the Chak-chak Museum and the Tea Museum if you want to learn more about traditional Tatar cuisine, to the Museum of the Tatar Settlement if you are interested in the history of the way of life of the Tatar people.

Embankment of Lake Kaban

  • This is one of the freshest and most popular attractions in the city.

There is everything for a good time here: water, pleasant landscaping and ducks, the opportunity to rent a place in the barbecue area or a catamaran for a boat trip; comfortable benches and hammocks for relaxation.

For lovers of outdoor activities, bike paths, sports grounds and a football field are equipped. Another important detail is the presence of a comfortable toilet.

Kazan is a big city with a rich history and culture, the interesting places of which can be listed forever. However, if you have little time left to explore this city, the sights listed in this article will not leave you indifferent. Have a nice holiday!