Our country is beautiful and there are many places worth visiting. Their visit will leave an unforgettable experience due to the beauty of nature and the extraordinary landscape.

Lake Elton, Volgograd region

The salt lake is located near Kazakhstan. Anyone can come to be treated at a local sanatorium. And the nature around helps the healing process: wonderful chamomile meadows are spread here, and the lake itself has a unique pink color.

There are white rocks all around. The reservoir is famous for the highest content of useful minerals, both in Russia and in the world.

Lena Pillars, Yakutia

To admire this natural miracle, thousands of tourists come to Yakutia from everywhere. For 40 km along the banks of the Lena River there are rocks in the form of pillars.

Their age is about 400 thousand years. The national park bears the same name. The view of picturesque nature is unusual, where you can just take a walk and join in its greatness.

Glass Bay, Vladivostok

The beach in this bay shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Although the history of the emergence of such beauty is quite prosaic. Once in this place there was a glass production, and then a landfill. When the landfill was removed, heaps of glass remained.

But the sea did its job, turning the edges of the fragments over 10 years, so that they became absolutely smooth. You can swim here without fear of cutting yourself. Glass Bay is the second largest in the world. According to the forecasts of scientists, in 20-30 years nature and man will do their job, and nothing will remain of the beautiful pieces of glass.

Lake Baskunchak, Astrakhan region

  • Fishing in this world’s largest salt lake will not work. Vacationers come here not only to see the beauty of the southern steppe, but also to improve their health.

Salt water has many health benefits. Nearby is a sanatorium, where procedures are also carried out with the help of therapeutic clay. The water surface of the lake shines with whiteness, and white growths of salt rise along the banks.

Canyon Ruskeala, Karelia

  • The small settlement of Ruskeala is located near the border with Finland. Back in the 18th century, deposits of white marble were found here. Many beautiful objects were built from the stone mined there, including St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

But when the production was closed during the Soviet-Finnish war, the quarry was flooded. A lot of beautiful places have formed: waterfalls, lakes, cascades. Marble Canyon is considered the pearl of Ruskeala. Crystal clear waters, silvery marble sheer cliffs make a spectacular impression.

Taganay, Chelyabinsk region

  • From the Southern Urals to the territory of the forest-steppes, the Taganay National Park is located. Untouched by man, there are mighty trees, mountain tundra, relic swamps.

The place is popular with tourists who can go fishing in the clear Big Kialim Lake, climb the crest of a rock called Otkliknaya, admire the bizarre stone figures in the Valley of Fairy Tales. Spectacular photos are definitely provided for you here.

Ivolginsky datsan, Buryatia

  • The Buddhist monastery was built during the Soviet Union. It is famous for many magical sights, and it will be interesting to visit this place even for a believer, even for an atheist. On the territory there are many interesting statues, monuments, bizarre stones, scrolls and other exhibits.

Unique items and interesting stories do not leave anyone indifferent.

What place in Russia would you like to visit? Why does it seem especially interesting to you?