Civilization is relentlessly moving forward, and all its advances affect the big cities. In the outback, people try to use simple, proven methods.

This method works when it comes to bridges. Their function is to connect distant civilizations and significantly reduce the distance that runs through dangerous terrain.

But there are such designs that cannot boast of their safety. Local people from the hinterland are not at all embarrassed by such bridges, because they are the only link through which you can quickly get to your destination and even transfer cargo. And 5 frightening bridges will prove that fear has “big eyes”.

1. India (Root bridges)

They do not belong to the category of great danger and do not grow over a long distance. But such bridges attract attention with their unusual design. This is not a creation of human hands, but amazing wonders of nature.

The bridge consists of the root system of trees, which is tightly fastened together. This bridge is considered the most reliable and looks very amazing. Many tourists come specifically to not only capture this creation on their cameras, but also take a walk through the structure of nature.

2. Nepal (Gas Mountains)

The structural bridge is located in the mountains of Gasa. Its material is unknown. It is located between high cliffs above a large cliff. Although these are intimidating places, many people move through them every year.

Local residents are already accustomed to shortening their path in this way and moving unbearable loads on donkeys. Tourists come to this place specifically to take pictures of a unique attraction.

3. Ireland (Carrick-a-Rede)

An unusual bridge connects the neighboring island with the mainland. But the whole catch is that it is constructed from a strong rope. And when you walk along the bridge, under your feet you can see an impressive cliff with icy water.

The danger is that the bridge woven from ropes can break at any moment. There are boards on the sidewalks. This simple design is very dangerous, although it attracts a stream of tourists. There are many who want to walk across the bridge. So far, not a single case has been identified that someone was a victim of displacement.

4. Switzerland (Triftbrucke Bridge)

It is the longest of the suspension bridges. He does not inspire confidence, because he is very dangerous. When dense fog hangs in the air, it is very scary to move around its territory.

From the side, it seems that a person begins to move into the unknown. Although the locals are confident about the condition of the bridge, because it is one of the strongest connections for movement.

5. Canada (Capilano Bridge)

This bridge is famous far beyond its borders. In appearance, it is a solid construction. But there is one thing: the age of the bridge exceeds 80 years, and it is located at the same height.

At night, this construction is illuminated by various garlands, so it is very interesting to walk along it. You can also touch the tops of the trees from the height of the bridge. But no matter how interesting it is to walk, you must not forget about safety.

Experienced tourists very often encounter unreliable designs. If you are not sure of your complete safety, you should use a workaround. Or alternatively, ask the locals to guide you to your destination.