The Ryazan region has a fairly developed industrial potential, but in addition there are areas that are practically untouched by the «industrial hand» of mankind.

They were able to preserve the natural heritage and beauty of the natural elements, which has long been irretrievably lost in many regions of our state.

There is a beautiful and diverse natural landscape, unique rivers and many lakes and reservoirs, which create the very good conditions for sport hunting and fishing.

  • The Oka River is the so-called main water artery of the region, which is divided into two identical parts: the northern one is forested, and the southern one, which includes the zones of broad-leaved forests and forest-steppe.

Coniferous species predominate in the forests, among which pine stands out the most.

  • If you are a fan of sport hunting or fishing , then trains to the Ryazan region are a must for you. The season is open here for almost a whole year.

The most favorable time for fishing is spring and autumn. Here you can easily catch pike, asp, perch, carp, bream, and even catfish, as well as many other varieties of river inhabitants. Sterlet often comes across in the Oka.

  • Regarding hunting , then there is permission for it only for certain main types of birds. Among them: waterfowl and swamp game, ungulates and fur animals, roe deer, foxes, hares and wolves. All hunting tours are organized by special requests.
  • The most widespread type of hunting here is the so-called «Russian hunting» . In other words, game is hunted with the help of a pack of greyhounds. This is how they did it in the old days.
  • Particular attention in these places is paid to sports tourism , because every summer many cyclists and kayakers come here.

In addition, you will get just incredible pleasure if you take a walk with your family through the forest, where the aroma of coniferous coolness reigns.