The Czech Republic, despite its small area and small number of inhabitants, hides many interesting facts.

Here are the best ones:

1. Tseshin and Czech Tseshin

In the Czech Republic we find two divided cities, Cieszyn and Český Cieszyn, divided between Poland and the Czech Republic.

2. Space

The Czechs were the third nation after the Americans and Russians in space. The first Czech cosmonaut was Vladimir Remek, he went into space on March 2, 1978, four months before Miroslav Germashevsky.

3. Atheists

The Czechs are one of the most atheistic nations in the world.

4. Leo Express

The Czech railway operator Leo Express became the first private railway operator to launch an international passenger train. This happened in July 2018, when the Prague-Krakow train left the rails.

5. Czech Railways

Czech Railways are a role model for many countries — a single tariff, many promotional offers, a convenient system of commercial discounts, many connections even on local routes, comfort on the road.

6. Jan Amos Comenius

Jan Amos Comenius wrote the first children’s book in the history of literature. In 1658 a book was published under the title Orbis Sensualium Pictus or Orbis Pictus («The Sensual World in Images»).

7. Hockey

The Czechs are a force in hockey. Since the collapse of Czechoslovakia, they have become world champions six times (until 2020), and quite a few Czechs have made a career in the NHL. Czech hockey players are also a strong point of international hockey teams.

8. Sculpture of Stalin

The now defunct statue of Stalin in Prague was the largest sculpture in Czechoslovakia.

9. Auschwitz-Prague car

In Prague in the 1930s, the Owicim-Praga car was produced, which was later assembled in Auschwitz and was one of the most luxurious cars of that time.

10. The largest football stadium in the world

The largest football stadium in the world is located in Prague — Velk Strahovsk Stadion with an area of ​​62,876 square meters. The stands can accommodate 250,000 spectators.